RSC Yellow Blocks

I finished my yellow RSC broken dishes blocks.  The top left/bottom right ones look more peach but the plaid has some yellow in it 🙂

RSC Mar YellowI put together the string blocks from the RSC14 and STYX was born.  Now I just need to quilt it so I can enter it in our quilt show 🙂


10 thoughts on “RSC Yellow Blocks

  1. Great idea to use plaids and stripes for your Broken Dishes blocks – it’s a charming look! Love the vibrant colors and dots in your string quilt!

  2. Your broken dishes blocks turned out nicely and I absolutely LOVE how you inserted strips into you string blocks! It just added an extra bit of interest.that took Styx to another level.

  3. I do love the plaid you used on the broken dishes! I’ve been collecting plaids for ages because I’m addicted to them. This will be a fun way to use my plaids. I love the background to your blog! I’ve only tried big stitching once, but yours looks so good I’ll have to try it again.

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