Paducah Fun!

What a fun time I had in Paducah this year.  The winner of the Modern Quilt category was made by the Coffee sisters who were in our guild when they lived in St Louis.  It was exciting to see and celebrate with them.  I was inspired by many of the quilts in the show and enjoyed the many entries from other countries (besides Japan 🙂 ).

My traveling companion, Jan, of The Colorful Fabriholic saw her book cover in larger than life size.  It was wonderful to see her excitement. 

Jan's Book CoverAnd, of course, there was shopping with friends :

Paducah SelfieShopping for a new project:

ConstallationsShopping for fun:

Misc Fabric AquitsitionsBlack White and Red PurchasesSweet Little Fabric AddsAnd some books I’ve been waiting to get:

Book PurchasesAnd even a bag of batik strings from Sew Batiks!  Look at all the cute bundles.

Batik Strings

While downtown, I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of the Paducah Beauty School signs that I’ve admired for years.

Beauty School Sign 2Sign 2Beauty School Sign 1I attended Gerald Roy’s Quilts and Color lecture and enjoyed it immensely.  Now I want the book from the exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Art, Quilts and Color: The Pilgrim/Roy Collection.

Quilts & ColorAs I was adding up my purchases, I wondered about my acquisitions over the years……and found this was my lightest year ever… one yard 😉

  • 2008 – 60 yds
  • 2009 – 45 yds (guestimated from pictures, maybe more 😉 )
  • 2010 – 30 yds
  • 2011 – 65 yds
  • 2012 – 60 yds
  • 2013 – 36 yds
  • 2014 – 49 yds
  • 2015 – 29 yds

After the show, DH and I visited two microbreweries that opened in Paducah recently.  The Paducah Brew Werks is only blocks from the convention center and has 4 of their brews as well as several others on tap from regional microbreweries.  Nice atmosphere and good beer.  The second one is located in an old Coca-cola building that I’ve long admired.  In fact, I’ve taken pictures of it before. 

Paducah Coca-Cola Plant 1Coca-Cola DoorCoca-Cola SignDry Ground BrewingThe bar is located in the back of the building and is very cool.  The beer is awesome…..we even took a growler home.  A really a nice ending for my Paducah trip. 


Stash Report:

  • Fabric in: 29.5 yards (Paducah & gifted shirts)
  • Fabric out:  0 yards 
  • YTD Fabric in: 59.5 yards
  • YTD Fabric out: 26.5 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 33 yards 

Happy Quilting, Cherie

Spring Has Sprung

There’s a robin nesting on our drain pipe, a bunny nesting in our side yard and our dogwood is in bloom.  Yep, spring has definitely arrived 🙂

This week I head to Paducah with Jan, The Colorful Fabriholic, for the AQS show where we’ll meet up with a couple other friends (hi Jeanne & Margaret) and have loads of FUN!  I’m hoping to run into Kevin of Kevin the Quilter when visiting his quilt, RADAR.

For DWM, I’ve got something NEW!  Check out the blocks I’m working on using a Laurel Birch fabric. 

DWM 4-20-15Laurel Birch QuiltI sure love my Studio Cutter…..I cut triangles for this quilt out in no time……ironing the fabrics took more time than cutting!

I also turned this:

New Log Cabin ProjectInto this:

Log Cabin 15Fifty blocks with 8 rounds of logs added……..only 5 more rounds to go, weeeeee!


Stash Report:

  • Fabric in: 4 yards (Thrifted shirts)
  • Fabric out:  0 yards 
  • YTD Fabric in: 34 yards
  • YTD Fabric out: 26.5 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 7.5 yards 

Happy Quilting, Cherie


Purple April

The RSC15 color for April is purple 🙂  I finished the first pair of purple broken dishes blocks and I’ve decided, I want to keep this quilt for ME.  Laying out these blocks and mixing up the colors is going to be such fun.

DWM 4-6-15Here’s the first purple block.

RSC15 Purple 1I selected the shirts for a new log cabin quilt and used the Studio cutter to cut a boatload of light 1 1/2″ strips.  Next I’ll be cutting the 2 1/2″ dark strips.  I’m using the gold strips in the middle as my centers. 

New Log Cabin Project

Linking up with Judy’s Design Wall Monday post.  Be sure to click over for all kinds of inspiration.


Stash Report:

  • Fabric in: 3 yards (Thrifted shirts)
  • Fabric out:  0 yards 
  • YTD Fabric in: 30 yards
  • YTD Fabric out: 26.5 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 3.5 yards 

Happy Quilting, Cherie