2 thoughts on “The Heat is On!

  1. Your ribbons look terrific! I’m looking forward to seeing them all tonight at CSQ. Your log cabin blocks look great too – I really like your subtle color palette. I don’t usually think of either plaids or log cabins as soothing, but your blocks have that quality and I like it.

  2. Cherie,

    This is serendipity! I was looking around on the internet to find a pattern to set Darlene’s vintage nine-patch red and white blocks into. Her blocks are too large for a setting I really like (from thequiltshow.com – “Blooms for Julie”) when I thought of a pattern I drafted for a friend based on Judy Laquidara’s Topsy Turvy Nine-Patch. Since Judy declined to answer my email about which book this pattern is in (I would gladly have purchased it), I drafted my own block. But, while I was looking, I ran across a link to your blog where you had made the exact pattern! As I was looking at your blog, I thought, “something is rotten in Denmark here” (my mother always said this apropos of absolutely nothing)! Hmmm. These faces sure are looking familiar. And there was a photo of Darlene. This is weird, I thought. Then I put two and two together and realized that this was Cherie Moore’s blog!

    Now, I think you got a bad deal on those ribbons you made. Since you select the awards for them, you never get a present. Seems there should be a solution to that.

    Anyway, I am adding your URl to my blog for “Blogs that I Visit!”

    P.S. Do you think Darlene is giving me a hint?

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