I’ve arrived in Paducah to beautiful weather but that will change.  I walked out of the hotel to get my phone cord out of the car and who do I see???  Quilt Man!!  Not what I was expecting at 8:45 pm, I can tell you (picture from several years ago).

Quilter ManWe’ve been to Hancock’s, Rotary Show and Eleanor Burns.  Fun times 🙂

Build-a-Barn Is AWESOME

I received my author signed copy of Julie Sefton’s Build-a-Barn book last week.  I intended to post about it right away…..but I got distracted….by the book!!  It’s awesome.  I had lot’s of company while reading.

BB 2Casper thinks the barns look like great places to hang out.

BB 1Harley wants to know when I’m building him a barn….he likes the spring barn best. After keeping the secret of being in the Secret Society of Barn Builders, SSOBB, it’s absolutely wonderful to get my hands on Julie’s Build-a-Barn No Pattern Construction book.

Quilting is a community, as evidenced by the pumpkins in Julie’s October barn which came from Lynne, who got them from Yvonne.  And it was Lynne’s mom’s comment that sent Julie rushing to retrieve her barn quilt from Chris, who longarmed Julie’s amazing barn quilt.  Why?  Guess you’ll need to read the book 😉

BB Cover

A Shout Out

Hey, I made Jo’s blog today….check it out here.  Jo accepts quilt tops to quilt (and bind, don’t forget that part!) for donation when there’s a disaster and quilts are given for comfort, other special cases or for fund raising for different charities.  I completed the top for ZigZag 9 in June 2011 (post here).

Zigzag 9 TopAs I mention in that post, I didn’t realize it was going to be so BIG!!  92″ x 102″  I love blue and green together and just wanted to make a blue & green quilt…..however, with no recipient in mind, I asked Jo if she would accept a quilt this big.  Well, Jo got it beautifully quilted AND bound.  Thank you, Jo, you’ve made this into something worth giving 🙂

ZigZag 9 topAnd here’s Zigzag 9 with Ruby, Jo’s beagle!

Zigzag 9 with Ruby