A Shout Out

Hey, I made Jo’s blog today….check it out here.  Jo accepts quilt tops to quilt (and bind, don’t forget that part!) for donation when there’s a disaster and quilts are given for comfort, other special cases or for fund raising for different charities.  I completed the top for ZigZag 9 in June 2011 (post here).

Zigzag 9 TopAs I mention in that post, I didn’t realize it was going to be so BIG!!  92″ x 102″  I love blue and green together and just wanted to make a blue & green quilt…..however, with no recipient in mind, I asked Jo if she would accept a quilt this big.  Well, Jo got it beautifully quilted AND bound.  Thank you, Jo, you’ve made this into something worth giving 🙂

ZigZag 9 topAnd here’s Zigzag 9 with Ruby, Jo’s beagle!

Zigzag 9 with Ruby

5 thoughts on “A Shout Out

  1. Beautiful! I wondered if it was yours when I saw it on Jo’s blog earlier. It’s a wonderful donation – someone will love it.

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