Acronyms, don’t you love ’em?  I’m caught up on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge broken dishes blocks.  

DWM 6-27-16I finished up the April green blocks so they’ve joined May & June’s blocks on the design wall.  I did a little calculating and if I want to make a queen/king size from these blocks with no borders, it will take approx 3 1/2 years at 4 blocks a month sooooo…….instead of two combos, I selected four, making a total of 8 blocks.  I’m not sure about the large plaids….what do you think?

RSC 16 Apr Green 4RSC 16 Apr Green 1RSC 16 Apr Green 3RSC 16 Apr Green 2Linking up with Judy’s Design Wall Monday…..for the second time this month 😉

Design Wall Monday Finally

Yep, still here, still sewing, still impatient with slow internet 🙁  Hard to have the blogging mojo when the photo editor takes 2 mins to load/refresh/save.  I’ve been told I need to be more patient, not happening so far!

There’s a real mishmash on the design wall right now.  Linking up to Judy’s Design Wall Monday for the first time in months!

DWM 6-13-16Here’s my pole Barn from Julie’s Build-a-Barn blog hop:

Pole Barn BlockHere’s a couple blocks for the First Saturday program:

FS Alt Jun 16FS Alt TestThe block on the bottom is a test alternate block.  Jan, who blogs at The Colorful Fabriholic, created EQ drawings showing the the First Sat block layouts with the original alternate block design and with an alternate, alternate block I was thinking about doing, you know, for an alternative 😉  I’m cracking myself up this morning!  Thanks, Jan 🙂  Here’s the original block layout with 4 bars on the side of the alt block:

QF - Standard VersionAnd here is the three bar alternate block in the layout: 

QF - Cherie's VersionHaving three bars means you won’t have to line up a seam with the star point on the main block.  Turns out, I really, really like this change as it makes the whole thing not quite so busy. 

Happy Quilting,



Let’s Build-A-Barn!  Here’s the first step…the walls/doors.  Because the doors on most pole barns slide open, I needed to add a “rail” for the doors.  Easy peasy, turn the striped fabric sideways. 

Pole Barn DoorsNext I positioned the peak, with it’s low angled roof line.  

Pole Barn RoofNow to decide on the position for the ground/sky side pieces.

Pole Barn Arranging SidesI went searching for a different sky fabric and, check it out, it’s shirting fabric.  Surprise 😉  Isn’t it great as sky fabric?

Pole Barn FinishedI wanted the silo to be in the foreground so I dropped it down lower than the pole barn.  I repeated the roof line process with the top of my silo which turned out way too stinkin’ cute as Glen would say 🙂

That’s how you free piece a barn for Southern Illinois.  Thank you Julie for such great directions to make a free pieced barn

buildabarnIf you want to start building things, and you know you do, then you want to click over to my Build-A-Barn give-away post here and leave me a funny comment.  Good Luck!!