Build-A-Barn Blog Hop

It’s my week to share Julie Sefton’s Build-A-Barn book with you.  (If you would like to win a copy, read to the bottom 😉 )  Julie’s book will entertain you with See Rock City advertising history, inspire you with the beautiful photos, encourage you with her story of “Meh” and teach you how to make your own free pieced barns.  Seriously!!

Book cover-AQS imageYou know how when you buy a new car, and all of a sudden you see them everywhere.  The same thing happens when Julie Sefton invites you to join the Secret Society of Barn Builders (SSOBB).  You start seeing barns everywhere and I do mean everywhere 😉  These are cell phone pictures of barns around where I live in Southern Illinois.

Wilke BarnRed Barn with SiloPole BarnsThe white and red barns in the picture above are pole barns.  They are utilitarian and not too interesting but they are very prevalent around here so I’m going to make one….but I’ll have to jazz mine up a bit using the fabrics below 😉  Check back on Thursday for the Pole Barn reveal.

Pole Barn FabricsThe Build-a-Barn cover quilt, See Rock City, is a fan-tabulous, awesome, stupendous free pieced barn quilt which I got to see in person at the 2014 AQS Paducah quilt show.  At the time I had no idea I would, in a small way (a secret, oh so hard to keep secret SSOBB way), participate in it’s journey to a book.  See my SSOBB page here.  It was an honor and great fun!! 

The Brave ChickenFor a chance to win an author signed copy of Julie’s Build-a-Barn No Pattern Construction book, leave me a funny comment.  I’ll draw the winner on Saturday, June 11th.  Make sure I have your email address 🙂

Happy Quilting,