Let’s Build-A-Barn!  Here’s the first step…the walls/doors.  Because the doors on most pole barns slide open, I needed to add a “rail” for the doors.  Easy peasy, turn the striped fabric sideways. 

Pole Barn DoorsNext I positioned the peak, with it’s low angled roof line.  

Pole Barn RoofNow to decide on the position for the ground/sky side pieces.

Pole Barn Arranging SidesI went searching for a different sky fabric and, check it out, it’s shirting fabric.  Surprise 😉  Isn’t it great as sky fabric?

Pole Barn FinishedI wanted the silo to be in the foreground so I dropped it down lower than the pole barn.  I repeated the roof line process with the top of my silo which turned out way too stinkin’ cute as Glen would say 🙂

That’s how you free piece a barn for Southern Illinois.  Thank you Julie for such great directions to make a free pieced barn

buildabarnIf you want to start building things, and you know you do, then you want to click over to my Build-A-Barn give-away post here and leave me a funny comment.  Good Luck!!

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