RSC Pink, Watermelon Pink

I went surfing in my shirting scraps and found I don’t have many pinks and, of the ones I have, I wouldn’t necessarily call them watermelon pink but they will do 😉  Can I say I.LOVE.MY.STUDIO.CUTTER?  Having the dog ears cut off the triangles makes it SO easy to sew accurate HST’s.  The same with the speaky/pike (peaky/spike) triangle square pieces.  It’s awesome!  Oops, got a little off track there….here are my broken dishes blocks for July.

RSC July 16RSC July 16 PinkRSC July 16 Pink 2Linking up with Soscrappy’s Saturday Rainbow Scrap Challenge linkup.

4 thoughts on “RSC Pink, Watermelon Pink

  1. Jealous of the depth of color in your shirting scraps! I love Broken Dishes blocks – what a great way to show off your fabrics!

  2. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – you have THE MOST AWESOME stash of shirtings . . . and I totally agree about the die cutter and not missing the annoying “dog ear” corners!

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