DWM 1-23-17

Soooo, we need new potholders but I haven’t been inspired to make them.  I dug around in the orphan bin, no inspiration.  There was a loud crack and a flash (well maybe that was all in my head), but inspiration struck.  I could make Abstracts in Solids potholders!  And they didn’t have to be square or rectangle, they could lean, if they wanted to 🙂  And they could be made from the scrap bags of Cherrywood fabrics I’ve purchased over the years.  And I. LOVE. THEM. Of course I’m not the cook in the family, but still!

I finished one and two are ready for sandwiching 🙂  Hop over to Judy’s DWM post and check out what inspiring things popping up on design walls across the land.


For the Record II

I went to two other quilt shows in 2016 that I haven’t blogged about.   I attended the AQS Chattanooga show in September to see the Secret Society of Barn Builders (SSOBB) display in support of Julie’s Build-a Barn’s book.  Julie and Heidi (who was visiting from Germany) were there and we took the Abstracts in Solids workshop that was to be taught by Gwen Marston.  Turned out Gwen wasn’t able to make it so Lynn Harris taught the class and it was inspiring!!

Workshop Picl to r, Lynn, Heidi, Me & Julie

It was wonderful to meet Heidi in person and it’s always great to see Julie 🙂  Here’s the intentional piecing I got done in class.  I haven’t touched it since but it was fun to play with so I’m nudging to the top of my to-work-on list!  The magenta pieces are from Heidi’s strips.  Don’t they just pop?

Heidi and Julie busy creating 🙂

It was wonderful seeing the barn quilts displayed together.  I was in awe of all the great barns the other SSOBB members made!

And there were two SSOBB quilts in the Chattanooga show itself!  Here’s Julie’s “Create with Abandon”.

And Lynne’sToo Much Chicken” that reveals so much more in person!

I was gifted a trip to Houston to attend the International Quilt Festival from the people I work for as a thank you gift for coordinating the move of their labs to a new building.  I was blown away by their generosity.  My DD lives in Houston now so, bonus, I got to visit her and my DGD at the same time.  Here we are at the show. 

I have to say, the venue was absolutely huge.  I tried to get a picture that would give a perspective on how large the George R Brown convention center is.  This is the “run way” where there are 4 entrances, A, B, C & D, to the quilt show. 

I took a panoramic picture to show how wide open the quilt displays were…..no crowded walkways…..it was fabulous.

I walked down all the vendor rows but didn’t spend a lot of time shopping.  I spent the lions share of my two days looking at all the quilts on display.  There were so very many quilts!!!  It was wonderful!!  Here’s my favorite quilt of the whole show, “Fire in the Stone” by Kimberly Lacy.  IT. WAS. BRILLIANT.

My daughter told me a story about an alligator living in a retention pond in a subdivision….it got named Thor and there was an up-roar about what to do about Thor.  So of course this quilt gave us the giggles….Thor went to the quilt show!!  This is Crocodylus Smylus by Susan Carlson.  (Yes, I know an alligator is NOT the same as a crocodile but come on, it was funny!)

I had a fabulous time a the quilt show and plan to return.  I had a great time visiting these two and will definitely be coming back to see them!


MLK DWM aka Alphabet Soup

It is a dark, dreary, misty/rainy day, but it is a holiday so its all good 🙂  Go here to Judy’s DWM post to see design walls with more to show than mine!  My wall has a mismash of things on it….a couple of units from Bonnie Hunter’s recent mystery, some flying geese blocks because I made a mistake cutting the most recent First Sat block wrong, etc 😉 

DWM 1-16-17I finished my second purple broken dishes blocks.  I recently bought a dark purple shirt and I love it in this block although it doesn’t photograph well at all.

RSC17 Jan Purple 2Happy quilting!

Purple RSC Saturday

I don’t know what’s going on but I think there’s a barn yard forming in my sewing room.  It’s Sally’s fault or maybe it’s really Gayle’s fault for linking me to Sally’s blog via the adorable piggies, but in any case, this tutorial Sally posted recently yielded this:

RSC17 Jan Purple ChickenWhen added to the piggy, it feels like a farm is growing 😉

purple-piggyI finished the first two purple broken dishes blocks and have the next two cut and ready to sew 🙂  Checking out the other RSC blocks on Soscrappy’s RSC Saturday linkup.

RSC17 Jan Purple 1RSC17 Jan Purple 2

For the Record

Warning, this post has lots of pictures. They were for posts I never wrote….but I wanted to document for me.

These fabrics were purchased in Paducah in April 2016.

BrightsAbove is the background fabric for the Shooting Stars quilt I finished in Nov.  Below is a really cool marbled fabric.

MarbleSleeping BagsFun fabrics above and below.

Misc sausage striped etcNeutrals StripeI used some of the solids above in a class I took with Lynn Harris in Chattanooga in Sept.

ReproductionI love, love, love the green above.  And I’ve been gifted quite a few of these star studded Michael Miller fabrics 😉

AthletesThese next two are shirts I acquired in 2016….continuing to build variety in my shirting collection.

Feb 16 Shirts 2Feb 16 ShirtsAnd speaking of shirts……I got to share some of my shirting collection with Kevin the Quilter….he posted about that here.

Kevin the QuilterI also found a vintage quilt top in Paducah that, to me, has a very modern vibe.  I’m really taken with it…..too bad it was sold.

InspirationI acquired a bit more fabric from a guild swap…a piece or two were brought by Suzanne Marshall and are from Fiji!!!

Fabric Swap 16I got a quilt top from a guild member who passed away.

Baby Quilt TopSo I pieced a backing from my stash (and left over blocks) and will look to quilt this one in 2017.

Baby Quilt BackingSigning off for now 🙂