Purple RSC Saturday

I don’t know what’s going on but I think there’s a barn yard forming in my sewing room.  It’s Sally’s fault or maybe it’s really Gayle’s fault for linking me to Sally’s blog via the adorable piggies, but in any case, this tutorial Sally posted recently yielded this:

RSC17 Jan Purple ChickenWhen added to the piggy, it feels like a farm is growing 😉

purple-piggyI finished the first two purple broken dishes blocks and have the next two cut and ready to sew 🙂  Checking out the other RSC blocks on Soscrappy’s RSC Saturday linkup.

RSC17 Jan Purple 1RSC17 Jan Purple 2

11 thoughts on “Purple RSC Saturday

  1. Awesome chicken and pig. Yes, quite the barnyard. But my heart belongs to your broken dishes (which you will get with chickens and pigs in the house). Your use of plaid and stripes is perfection.

  2. What I really should make is a Sally quilt – with one of each of all her cute critters. It would be an awfully big quilt, though…
    I love those stripey-plaidy broken dishes blocks! (Spellchecker thinks that’s not a word. How silly.)

  3. Oh, gosh! Those Broken Dishes blocks I love are back! Good thing.
    I think I’ll have to make some chickens too. I was waiting for a Sally chicken tutorial and don’t have to wait any longer!

  4. I do love those stripes and plaids together. That almost says ‘farm’ more than the chicken or pig! I look forward to seeing your farm (and quilts) grow. 🙂

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