A Wise Friend

……told me a blog post with one picture is better than no blog post at all 🙂  This was in response to her statement, “I know you aren’t blogging now” to which I replied that it takes so long to take/edit/upload/post photos.   So here’s a post with one photo….

Left to right, Jan of The Colorful Fabriholic, Julie of Me & My Quilts-Exploring the Possibilities aka Quilt Diva Julie, Me, and Kevin of Kevin the Quilter.  This was taken at Julie’s lecture and trunk show at the Thimble and Thread Quilt guild and don’t we look happy to be there, yeah baby!!  Julie brought 40, yes 40, quilts to show which is simply amazing.  I don’t think I’ve made 40 quilts, well my project list says I’ve made 86…wow, really!…quilts including mini’s, but I certainly don’t have that many around my house 😉  Thank you, Julie, your color saturated trunk show was inspiring, motivating, mood lifting, foot tapping happiness!!!  

Happy Quilting,