RSC July Red

I’ve continued working on the RSC broken dishes blocks using thrifted shirts.  I have been making two pair of these blocks almost every month since Dec 2014 (wow, 2014 really?!?!) and now have 164 blocks, including the two below for July’s RED color.  I am making a quilt 12 x 13 blocks so I am, sadly, done making these.  I only need 156 blocks, so I have eight extra blocks to edit out….maybe I’ll make two more for a 9 block baby quilt…..mmmmm.  Linking up with RSC…wow, it feels good!

I started a new RSC challenge block…….5×5 blocks from 2 1/2″ squares for the Positively Scrappy quilt by Becky Tillman Peterson found on (Edited to change the link to the main Quilted Twins site, then click the free patterns tabs.  This will avoid the sign me up pop up that won’t go away) this page.  It is shown in scrappy blues but I think it will be fun in RSC colors.  I won’t make it as large (it’s 100″ square!!).  I’m thinking 5 x 6 or 30 blocks will give me a nice throw 🙂

Happy Quilting, Cherie

8 thoughts on “RSC July Red

  1. The 5 x 5 blocks are going to make a really cute quilt!! Oh, that bittersweet moment when you realize that you have enough blocks to make the quilt you have planned. This is particularly true with long-term projects such as you Thrifted blocks have been. Happy quilt top assembly!!

  2. Hurray for all those broken dishes! (Oh, wait, that sounds odd…)
    I’m looking forward to seeing all those blocks gathered together.

  3. Your shirtings never cease to make me smile!! I haven’t dared let myself open that bag of wonderful-ness you gave me last week lest another squirrel starts wanting to be fed (grin) before the others. Loving the idea of your 5×5 project!

  4. No more Broken Dishes? I love these red ones.
    I guess we’ll be seeing your new Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks at AFS? That’s a lot of 2″ scraps being used up.

  5. Welcome back to the land of blogging/sewing!! I’ve always loved your Broken Dishes. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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