It was a good day at the Goodwill Clearance Center last week as far as cotton shirts go 🙂  I snagged two black striped shirts and some nice green plaids.

There were three colorful madras plaids in the teal/blue family, a wonderfully bright blue stripe and a big variety of pinks!  And a couple of solid shirts in bright green and pink, nice!

An orange & pink stripe, an orange stripe and a yellow stripe joined the others in my cart….woo hoo!!  And last, three nice blue ones rounded out my haul.  All washed up and ready for de-boning 😉

Happy Quilting, Cherie

3 thoughts on “Thrifting

  1. There is a Goodwill Thrift store clearance center near me. The first time I went in, I purchased quite a few cotton shirts. I have never been able to since. There is a group of people that are in there daily purchasing clothing and shoes by the cart loads and shipping the items out of the country. It almost like a full time job for them. I do not begrudge them the items. I have more fabric than I have time to sew.

  2. Wow – such a nice variety! And you said pinks were hard to find in thrifted shirts. Looks like you got some good ones. But if you’re done making Broken Dishes blocks, what will you make with these?

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