Old UFO to Finished

I finished one of my oldest UFO’s.  It’s Pinwheel Party, an on-line block of the week from Twiddletails, started in March 2010 with the top sewn together in Feb 2014.  I ran out of the background fabric that, per the pattern, was used in final border and I just couldn’t settle on what to do about that.  Sooooo……..the top was hung out-of-sight/out-of-mind until I needed this year’s United Way raffle quilt for work.  Next thing you know, I made up my mind on the borders, quilted it with variegated thread and got ‘er done! 

It was a little windy and the dog is searching for wild life to chase 😉

2 thoughts on “Old UFO to Finished

  1. Perfect choices for the border – looks like it was all planned at the same time as the rest of the quilt was designed. I hope it generates lots of $$ for United Way.

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