Deconstruction & Art

My sister turned me on to using large TicTac containers to keep earbuds in. They also make excellent containers for corralling the buttons I save when deconstructing the shirts I get at the GW clearance center 🙂

I actually like deconstructing the shirts I acquire….I know, I know! Strange, I am. Anyhoo…..I’ve got a nice pile of shirt fabric ready to pet, cut, share and admire. I’m working on getting brighter colors….not always easy because they tend not be 100% cotton. I’ve gotten to where I can tell almost by looking if the fabric is a blend 😉

We took our dog for a walk along the Metro Bike Link trail and saw these…..kind of fun, no?

Happy quilting, Cherie

One thought on “Deconstruction & Art

  1. One of the ladies who works at Davies Manor takes all the buttons from the shirts I deconstruct for her crafting. I know I should save the cuffs, plackets, and collars but I don’t unless I need every single scrap of that particular shirt. You are so good to handle yours the way you do!!

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