Done, For Now

I’ve finished cutting up all the recent shirts from Goodwill and here’s the last of them.

I’ve got a bit of the sewing blahs…….I sewed the Tipsy Fox blocks (see some blocks below) into an on point setting but ended up air sewing 3/4 of the final long seam (not my fault I didn’t notice as I was watching Game 7 of the Stanley Cup…..THE BLUES WON!!!!!!). Then the corner triangle are too small and using them will require timing, which I can do because I cut the side triangle oversized, but, I don’t want to make the center smaller. So I have to figure out what size square to cut that will yield triangles the size I need……..and still leave enough of the fabric to add borders…….my calculator and I are busy right now.

Happy Quilting! Cherie