The Replacement

First, thank you for your comments…..I read and appreciate each one however, I am not receiving them in my email and so I can’t respond. I’m trying to figure out how to remedy this. I really appreciate you stopping by.

I made a utility quilt for our son in 2001 from brushed cottons. I made it plenty long since he is tall. I hadn’t realized how much he liked and used it until he asked if it could be “fixed”. There were some tattered places at the top and bottom, just like you see in old, well used quilts. That wasn’t all, there were thin spots through out the quilt as well.

I do not enjoy repairing quilts, I enjoy making them! So…’s The Replacement! Made again from brushed cottons. The pattern is The Gathering from AQS.

Someone got comfy while I was doing the binding!

And for comparison, here are the two quilts together….the old one is still in use and probably will be until it literally falls apart 😉

Happy Quilting, Cherie