Free Fabric Scraps

A friend I work with asks if I want a box of fabric scraps.  Why of course I do, you never know what treasures you may find.  They are just scraps, not big pieces she says.  Still the answer is yes.  Here’s what came out of the box first:


And some more…..


And then, bonanza!!!  There are 112 of these blocks and as you can see there are parts of quite a few more.  Check out those fabrics.  I didn’t measure the blocks, but I’m guessing they are 10″ since they fit in the copy paper box without folding.



Got Fabric?

How do you like my new shirt?


After seeing Bonnie Hunter’s blog about these shirts I ordered one up 🙂

I’ve finally gotten around to washing up all the fabric I’ve acquired since going to Paducah last April.  This is a piece I bought in Seoul when I visited my daughter in South Korea last June.  Talk about a wide salvage!!!


Rug in Process

I’ve been cutting strips from sheets for awhile now and have a good assortment of rag balls to choose from so I’ve started a crocheted rug.  I’m  focusing on joining the rounds so that the colors don’t have obvious starts and stops. So far so good I think.


Pictures :)

Pictures to go with my previous post:

First Saturday blocks from Dec…..



Baby quilt from panel……


And the back…..


And layout of second “mountains” quilt…..


Oops I see there are two reds together.  Might have to change that up!  Here’s another view.  I like this layout 🙂


First Sat Blocks & Other Stuff

I finished my Dec First Saturday blocks in time for the first Saturday this weekend.  I really like the striped fabric in the alternate block.  I tried to up load the pictures but I’ll have to check with my brother as it’s not working right now 🙁

This weekend I also finished putting together a baby quilt from a cute panel.  The baby was due the end of December but arrived Dec 7th so I’m hoping to get that done asap.

I also laid out some of the leftover mountain blocks and have decided on a little different pattern for this bonus quilt.  I’ll but a small first border and an larger second border and it will be a nice throw size.  I’ll post pictures of all these when I can.