I was reading a blog that refered to HSY (pronounced hussy) which are “Haven’t Started Yets”.  So I felt the need to update the info from my last blog post.  I currently have 17 WIP’s (works in process) and, according to my project list, 42 HSY’s!!!!  I think the first thing I should do it review my HSY’s and make sure they are all still projects I’d like to do.  Then I think I’d better start spending 30 minutes every day in my sewing room 😀


I just took a look at my project lists, completed and in-progress (let’s not even talk about the list of projects I want to do), and was quite surprised to see that I only finished 3 projects this year compared to 5 in 2007.  One, the Timbleberries Village quilt, was started in July 2003.  My mom had it for awhile before getting it quilted but she’s not the main reason it took so long to finish!!!  All it needed was the binding and I’ll bet that took me at least a year.  Another, a First Saturday block program at the Quilted Fox was started in Feb 2004.  The last one, the Steelers baby quilt, was actually started AND finished in 2008, woo hoo 🙂

I am resolving as of this minute to finish the Tiger Lily quilt IN JANUARY 2009. It was started in Oct 2002 and the binding has been is all ready to sew for over a year now……BAD CHERIE 🙁  Two projects started in 2008 need to be finished up in January and then I’m going to tackle the multiple “in process” projects.  I don’t think these are ligitimate UFO’S because they are out in plain sight, on my mind and I still intend on finishing them.  Okay, so maybe the ones started in Jan 2003 and Oct 2003 qualify as UFO’s and maybe the ones started in May 2005 and Oct 2005 as well *sigh*.  I see from my list I have 5 different projects started in 2007 *sigh* *sigh*.  I started 4 projects in 2008 that aren’t finished but those are in pretty good shape, one is the current First Saturday (doesn’t end until June 2009), two are the projects I WILL finish in January and one is a crumb block quilt that is waiting for more scraps 🙂

Here’s to a 2009 full of finishes!!

Happy Holidays :)

Hope your holidays were warm and fun.  It was Rail’s first Christmas with us and she’s made herself quite at home!  She has added a lot of weight…..might be something to do with the fact that she eats every time she passes the food dish.  But she’s a sweetheart and our neighbors enjoy her as much as we do.

We’ll return to quilt blogging after New Years Eve.  There are projects on the home stretch and new First Sat blocks.

Fabric :)

While purchasing Christmas presents on-line some civil war reproduction fabric might have jumped into my shopping cart before check out 😉

Not much sewing going on because 1) Thanksgiving, 2) visit from children, 3) sinus infection and 4) Christmas is coming!!!!!

One More Mountain

I finished sewing the rows together and it’s laying nice and flat.  If you count them, you’ll notice there are now 11 rows versus the 10 I had planned.  Once the rows were sewn together, the quilt top seemed like it was too short so I added another row.  Now it seems just right 🙂  I’ve started working on the backing and I will also play around with the remaining blocks……there might be enough for another lap sized quilt, you never know 😉