November Already

The high today is forecast at 77 degrees!  We just had a weekend of beautiful weather and the trees are reaching their peak fall colors.  It’s just hard to think it’s November with such unusually warm and wonderful weather.

Here’s the alternate block from October’s First Saturday blocks.

And here’s what I did on Sunday.  I realize you can’t see much difference between the two pics (especially if you don’t double click to see a large view) but the first picture is 100 of the mountain blocks laid out and the second one is of them ALL SEWN INTO ROWS 🙂  YEA!!!  This week I’ll get the rows sewn together and then I’ll work on piecing the backing. I’m itching to get to the quilting part so I can use my longarm again.

First Sat Fabric Change


Here’s a picture of the First Saturday block.  See the original fabric at the bottom?  We saw the block completed with this fabric and didn’t like it too much.  Darlene found the fabric on the right in the Fox Tail basket (get it?  The Quilted Fox calls the tail ends of the bolts “Fox Tails”?).  When I got home, I dug through my stash and found the swirl fabric which I think as a little more movement and is is brighter than the piece on the right.

As Darlene pointed out, when placed on the design wall with the other blocks, the swirl fabric fits in well with the rest.

Oct First Sat Block

Here’s October’s First Saturday block.  I haven’t completed the alternate block but since it doesn’t have to be completed to get my free block this weekend, no worries 😉

Neither Darlene nor I liked the pink dot fabric that came with the block (I’ll have to get a pic and post it later).  We both ended up substituting the pink swirl fabric you see here and I like it much better.  It fits in better with the other First Sat blocks accumulating on my design wall 🙂

Blocks are Finished!!

All of the Mountain blocks are finished, yipee!!  There are approximately 190 blocks and I say approximately, as I may have miss counted a time or two as I put them in piles of 10.  I will lay them out and see what size quilt feels right.  Here’s a pic of all the blocks, uphill blocks on the left and down hill blocks on the right. 🙂

Here’s a picture of Rail kitty’s newest spot to be when keeping me company in the sewing room 🙂

And here is the cutest kitty thinking about taking a drive on the Vespa!  She is just too cute!