Des Moines Quilt Show

Well better a late blog post than never a blog post, right?  I had a good time at the Des Moines Quilt show. My friend, Darlene, & I drove from St Louis to Des Moines and it was a most delightful drive with wonderful weather. I had perhaps a better time visiting the rural part of Des Moines where Darlene grew up and spending time with Darlene’s sister, Marge than I had a the show.

A big thanks to Marge & her husband for hosting me for two nights and for the tour of the Maasdam Sorgham Mill that Marge’s family runs.  Returning from the quilt show on Thursday, we stopped to see the Wheel Tower, which was created by Darlene & Marge’s father.   On Friday we visited the locker to buy dried beef and ham loaf and then went to Pella and visited the bakery and meat shop.  Let me tell you, Pella bologna is nothing like the Oscar Myer product called bologna!  The Dutch have amazing pastries and I’m figuring out my list of items I’d like Darlene to buy for me on her next trip to Iowa!!

But back to the quilt show 😉  Here’s Darlene’s two quilt entries.

Aren’t we cute with our contestant ribbons?  Hey, they are worth free admission to the show! Here’s the Brooch Quilt actually hanging in the show!  It’s kind of plain but I think it belonged in the show.

The show was quite nice and there were many more quilts on display than just the ones included in the competition, but it just wasn’t the same excitement as the Paducah show.  We always pick the one quilt we’d like to take home with us when we attend a show and here’s my favorite.

More First Sat Blocks

We went to Las Vegas for a week and had a wonderful, relaxing time.  While in the Mirage I noticed the floor at the main entrance and thought what a neat quilt border idea….

Stolling through the Bellagio I saw this tiled floor and thought it was wonderful too.

There are lovely large baskets of flowers in another part of the hotel with long, curling vines.  I saw on Pickledish they had a contest of architecual quilt patterns.  There were wonderful examples in the many different styles of hotels on the strip.

I was working on Friday night to finish up my First Sat block which is something I don’t like to do.  I didn’t have time to finish the alternate block so I finished it up on Sunday.

Rail kept me company on Sunday as I also sewed on some Mountain blocks….they seem to never end.  I must have enough for two quilts!!  Isn’t Rail a sweet kitty?

Furry Help

I was sewing today and had help from both Simontacchi and Rail.  I have a whole pile of up hill and down hill blocks completed so I layed some out to see how they look.  They get Rail’s seal of approval but Simontacchi is with holding his opinion for now 🙂

2nd First Saturday Blocks

Last night I had to get the first Sat blocks finished if I wanted to get my next block free this Saturday.  So here is the second block:

And here is the alternate block:

I had already cut the pieces for these blocks and it still took me approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete them.  I’m always the slowest one when ever I take a class 🙁

Labor Day Progress

While it still might not look like much, I’m quite happy with the progress I made on the mountain quilt this holiday weekend.

Sunday and Monday I sewed pieces 1&2 and 3&4 of each block together……

And here is one stack of up hill and one of the down hill blocks ironed and pinned together.  Only about a quarter more to iron & pin.  Once sewn, the blocks will be completed!!

My hope is to have enough blocks sewn this week to play with the various layout and see which ones make the blocks happy.  Check out the layout variations at the bottom of Bonnie’s Quiltville website here.