Call Me a Goddess

A Temporary Quilt Registration Goddess, that is.   I’ve been following Ami Simms’ blog for over two years and have being thinking I would make a Priority Quilt for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative which Ami founded (she the executive director and runs the day-to-day operations).   Thinking about it for two years has resulted in me sending them squat, yes squat!  So, I threw out a challenge to my quilt guild last night to make a Priority Quilt and bring the finished quilt to our March meeting.  This means I HAVE to make a quilt….my reputation is at stake!  What about being a Goddess?  Well, I volunteered to be the Temporary Quilt Registration Goddess and shepherd everyone’s quilt through the process of registration, mailing and watching anxiously for our quilts to be auctioned.  So okay, yes, I’m doing this just so I can be a goddess, you’ve got me 🙂

I (the Goddess) received a Christmas gift from my mother this weekend, Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston which just came out.  Woo Hoo, it is wonderful and has already been back and forth on my Metrolink commute to work.  See the white bits at the bottom of the book?  Yes, I’m wearing it out already!!  I have not seen Gwen’s first book which has been out-of-print for quite awhile and sells for lots on Ebay but I heard it was just wonderful so I wanted this one badly.  Thanks, MOM!  I love it.

And you know I love the free-pieced letters ala Tanya from Lazy Gal Quilting or liberated letters, as Gwen refers to them.  Well, here’s Tanya’s quilt in Gwen’s book, bottom right 🙂  Awesome!