Hello 2011 and DWM :)

For Design Wall Monday I have something new, woo hoo.  After a whirlwind of holiday happenings, I’m back at home.  I have my Dec First Saturday blocks completed and all 60 of the RRCB string blocks sewn, WOO HOO!!  Now I can work on catching up 😉

Number 6 was drawn for the 2011 UFO challenge so I have to make one Moon Glow block and 6a is quilting a reproduction quilt so Sophie & I will bond this month for sure.

Moon glow

This isn’t my reproduction quilt but a picture from the directions


Final 2010 Stash Report – net I added over 100 yards 🙁

  • Added:  11.25  (Fabric for boppy covers & a nursing cover, the give-a-way win and stash enhancement 😉 )
  • Cumulative Added:  157.75 yds
  • Used:  2 (2 pillow cases & 2 Kindle covers)
  • Cumulative Used:  52.25 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (105.5 yds)


RRCB Strings!

I continued sewing on the Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll step 3 string blocks last night.  Bonnie mentions she works two string blocks, leader-ender style…..she sews a few, trims a few and de-papers a few.   I’m more of a sew the first seam on all the blocks kind of a person.  I worked at doing 10 at a time this weekend but I just couldn’t do that last night.  I –had– to get the remaining 49 blocks started with the first two strings, I’m just driven to do that.   The downside is I don’t get to say, “I finished X blocks last night”, lol.   Of course, I still do them leader-ender style so there’s always a couple of blocks running ahead 😉

DWM & Send Snow

It’s the first Design Wall Monday in December and I’ve got new blocks on the wall 😉  I made 11 RRCB string blocks (only 49 more to go), finished the 8th Vicksburg applique block and completed step 5 of the stay-at-home-robin.

Be sure to stop by Judy’s DWM post for links to other DWM blog postings 🙂  Oh and one more thing…..while removing the phone book pages I used as foundations for the string pieced blocks,  I realized I was making bedding for my worm bin!!  How’s that for recycling?   Use the pages for quilting and then for worm bedding which gets made into worm castings to be used in the garden 🙂  You can see the phone book bits in with my regular shredded newspaper.

While trying to get better pictures for my blog I took some pictures of the finches out my window.

This second picture captured a finch just as it was landing.   These little guys were getting the seeds that fall from our sweet gum tree and that white stuff?  That is all the snow we’ve gotten.  That’s all.  Family in Pittsburgh has snow, family in Rockford has snow….I want SNOW!!!  Enough snow to make one of these: