March’s Color Palette

I’ve pulled my colors for the March Color Palette Challenge.


I’m not sure I’ll use all of them……here’s a black and white picture.  I think I could leave out the light yellow and purple leaving 4 lights, 2 mediums and 1 dark.  I’ll play with them and see 🙂

I got the 8th piece sewn on the Double Time Log Cabin blocks.  I threw a few on the design wall to see how they looked……they don’t look like much yet.  I’ve got round 9 pinned so I’ll them sewed up this weekend and see if that changes things.



Colors & Shirts & Quilts, Oh My

So I’ve decided to participate in the January Color Palette Challenge and make an AAQI Priority quilt.  I have an idea for it and a name already, which is usually the hardest part for me!  Here are the Cherrywood fabrics I’ll be using.

I’ve cut up some shirts and pajama pants that will need to be added to the stash report.  I think I’ve broadened by color ranges with these few 😉  Check out the bonus zipper with the ribbon in the zipper pull I got from the pink and white gingham shirt…..have you seen metal zippers used as embellishments?  I think I have an idea of a way to use it.

Lastly, here’s my progress on my current AAQI Priority quilt that was supposed to be done in October  or at least by the time I sent the guilds quilts to AAQI.  I’ve had trouble getting the embroidery done mainly because I’m out of practice.  I want it to be the best I can do rather than hurry up and get it done….perhaps there’s a happy medium?  I want to take out the “tail” of the daisy chain stitched heart.  I used stem stitching to fill in the tail but realize now I should use smaller and smaller chain stitches so it isn’t so heavily filled in.   It’s almost done…… 


2012 Challenge

Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times and Vicki Welsch of Field Trips in Fiber are hosting a 2012 Color Challenge that sounds interesting. 

To spark creativity, the challenge is to use the color palletes Vicki creates from photos as inspiration for a project you complete that month.  If you haven’t seen Vicki’s color palettes, you really must browse through her blog posts and see how great they are.  Check out Judy’s challenge post for all the details.  I’m contemplating participation in this challenge and creating AAQI Priority quilts.  They are small enough to finish in one month and I’ve felt the need to do more for this wonderful grassroots project for funding research.         

Design Wall Time

It’s that time again 🙂  I got the binding machine sewn on the animal quilt and I’m pleased with the brown fabric.  Can’t see it too well in the picture but I’m happy with it.

And the backing:

My design wall hasn’t changed much but I have completed the hand pieceing on the Moonglow block #5.  I ironed it to death to make it lay flat as it was severely cupped.  I’m not liking this project much but I hope the end product will make me forget about all the troubles.

Stash report:  No changes 🙁 🙂