I was supposed to get this completed in Feb to meet Judy’s 2011 UFO Challenge for February.

What I got done was this:

Again, I’m just going to be happy I’m working on this project again and I’m farther along on Feb’s block than I was on Jan’s block by the end of the respective months.

Last night I finally tried my hand at making folded flowers from these instructions.   Here’s the result so far.  Cute, huh?  I was hoping to make some for the AAQI quilt I have in mind but this one, made using 3 1/2″ & 2 1/2″ squares, is too large.

I’m still plugging away at the RRCB half square triangles with 345 of the 600 now sewn and trimmed.

Happy Quilting, Cherie


I didn’t meet Judy’s 2011 UFO Challenge, which I accepted in this post, for January.  I remember why I let the Moon Glow project sit for so many years….it’s HARD!!!  I finally decided the only way I’d get it done was to hand piece the blocks.  Once I made that decision, I started making progress and now I have the 4th block pieced.   I will now add the border strips and cornerstones and block 4 will be completely done!!  So, I didn’t make the January deadline, but without the challenge, this wouldn’t be done at all so it’s all good.  Block 5 is cut out and waiting for me to mark the sewing lines.   I won’t make the February deadline but maybe I’ll get block 6 done for March 🙂  Hey, it can happen!

Design Wall Monday :)

It’s Design Wall Monday!  On my wall are the first two blocks from Barbara Brackman’s sesquicentennial blog about civil war quilts.  These are 8″ blocks and there will be one per week.  Be sure to check out the links on Judy’s DWM post here.

For Judy’s 2011 UFO Challenge I have to complete one Moon Glow block.  I have block #4 cut, marked and ready to sew.

I didn’t start sewing the block because I have to change thread color….okay, that’s a poor excuse, it’s really because I wanted to finish step 4 of RRBC 😉

Happy quilting, Cherie

Hello 2011 and DWM :)

For Design Wall Monday I have something new, woo hoo.  After a whirlwind of holiday happenings, I’m back at home.  I have my Dec First Saturday blocks completed and all 60 of the RRCB string blocks sewn, WOO HOO!!  Now I can work on catching up 😉

Number 6 was drawn for the 2011 UFO challenge so I have to make one Moon Glow block and 6a is quilting a reproduction quilt so Sophie & I will bond this month for sure.

Moon glow

This isn’t my reproduction quilt but a picture from the directions


Final 2010 Stash Report – net I added over 100 yards 🙁

  • Added:  11.25  (Fabric for boppy covers & a nursing cover, the give-a-way win and stash enhancement 😉 )
  • Cumulative Added:  157.75 yds
  • Used:  2 (2 pillow cases & 2 Kindle covers)
  • Cumulative Used:  52.25 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (105.5 yds)