Oh Crumb, It’s a Flimsy

I took Vivian’s comment to heart and went ahead and included the “rejected” right handed rectangles on the top left.  I like the quirkiness so thanks Vivian for the nudge.   Crumbs is officially a flimsy, yea!!!  After ironing the sawtooth border, I realized it was finished.  Now for something fun for the backing, woo hoo.

I’m almost too embarrassed to post this picture I took while quilting the BASICS quilt but since Judy D commented that wonky baptist fans aren’t such a bad thing, here they are.

Monday Design Wall

I like Design Wall Monday because it makes me focus on getting something on the wall for posting.  Thanks Judy! Check out her DWM post for links to other quilter’s design wall posts…..although I see Judy has nothing on her wall this week 😉

I have two pictures.  My crumb quilt with a couple of new borders added and the second pic with what I think will be the final border.   I decided I wanted to include the second orange border so I quit thinking about it and did it.  Those couple of purple/green rectangles are right handed rejects, whoops.  The 3 gold/cream blocks are test blocks for a quilt I’m taking to Shipshewana for the quilt retreat in TWO WEEKS, yea!!!!!

And here’s the sawtooth borders all ready to go on the crumb quilt.  I’m loving them 🙂

Stash Report – this needs to be updated because of some fabric has come my way (no I did not purchase it) but I have to see what I’m keeping vs what I’m sharing before seeing how much I need to add to my stash report.  That could take me a while, yes, it could take me quite a while 😉

  • Added:  0   Cumulative Added:  119.5 yds
  • Used:  0            Cumulative Used:  38.75 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (80.75 yds)

Have a terrific Monday!

Practice Practice Practice

I helped myself to a white board being thrown out at work because someone used a permanent pen on it. It works perfectly to practice drawing free hand Baptist fans upside down.   The board it fairly large and after a quite a few passes where I moved the board on my lap to fill the whole thing, I got lazy and just filled in what I could reach.

I thought I was getting pretty good at it so……

Hmmmmmmm…..I think more practice is needed.   It’s okay because the thread keeps breaking and I’m going to take this stitching out so I can change to my beloved Aurafil thread.  I have a goal to get both BASICS quilts done this weekend.  The Aurafil thread better make Sophie happy or I won’t get them done!!

Here’s another border option for my crumb quilt.  I kept the orange fabric, repeated the dark purple fabric and switched the sawtooth border so the green is on the inside.

I’m liking this but will try it with the purple side of the sawtooth on the inside 🙂

Have a wonderful fall weekend!

DWM Crumbs

It’s Design Wall Monday time 🙂  Hop on over to Judy’s DWM post to see what projects other quilters are busy creating.  I’ve decided I want my crumb quilt to be larger so my design wall has a couple of options I’m considering…..

I’m leaning towards the second one.  I thought I’d like the second orange border in the first picture but I’m liking the second picture much more now.  I have a lot of time to throw up other options while I work on the free pieced sawtooth border 😉

I volunteered to quilt a couple of the BASICs quilts for Victoria at Bumble Beans.  Here’s the first one loaded and ready to quilt………if only I could make up my mind on how to quilt it…….

Guess I’ll click through some blogs and see if I can’t find something to inspire me 🙂

Have a great Monday!

Aug 30 Design Wall

Happy Monday!  Go check out Judy’s Design Wall Monday post to see a bunch of other design walls 🙂  I added a couple of more crumb star blocks to my wall.

I finished the Steeler’s quilt and got it in the mail Saturday so Sunday I worked on adding borders to the First Saturday Kaffe Fassett blocks.

Here you see half of the top.  It really grew and is something like 100 x 72…wow-za.

Edited to Add:

Stash Report:

  • Added:  0   that’s right, nothing in :) Cumulative Added:  108.5 yds
  • Used:  9.75  (Pinwheel Party Navy top and sashing & borders for Kaffe top)     Cumulative Used:  38.75 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (39.75 yds)  Woo Hoo, under 40 yards net in….think I can be a zero by year end.  Nah, me either 🙂