Oh Crumbs

Here’s what’s on my design wall for this first Monday in 2010!  Check out what other folks are working on at Judy’s Design Wall Monday post.


Despite wanting to get a top finished in 2009 so I could count the fabric as “used” in my stash report, I decided the crumb quilt needed more.   So I pull out the “scrap salad” and started making some 4 1/2″ crumb blocks for a border.

Scrap Salad

I only used 2 more yards of fabric, for the snuggler, by Dec 31st so I ended the year with approximately 1/2 yard added to my stash.  Heck, that’s close enough for me to call it even. 🙂


Added:  0     Cumulative Added: ~ 25 yds

Used: 2         Cumulative Used: ~24 1/2 yds

Net Out/(In): (~ 1/2 yds)

I put together some of the 3″ nine patches I’ve made so I’d have a project to work on to improve my hand quilting.  Here’s the finished quilt which I gave as a Christmas present.  I quilted free-hand Baptist Fans compliments of Lazy Gal Quilting. I’m quite happy with the results and hope the recipient likes it too.


I’m busy hand quilting an applique project I did maybe 3 or 4 years ago.  I’m having to take bigger quilting stitches and I’m doing echo quilting so we’ll see if I like the results as much as this little mini.

Last Design Wall Mon of 2009

Here’s what’s on my design wall:

P DWM [Desktop Resolution]

These are crumb blocks I made last year and I’m making a small quilt that is about 2 1/2 yards worth of fabric, if not more 😉  It’s wild and crazy and I’m loving it.

I also used up a couple of yards of fabric making a snuggler.  The link to pattern is compliments of Cluck Cluck Sew.  There is an option in Internet Explorer to print the file directly from IE and to tile large pages.  Then you can tape the pages together to make the pattern.

P snuggler [Desktop Resolution]

This puzzle was a gift from my parents and I openned it at Thanksgiving…..I’ve been very good and waited until Christmas to open it.

Puzzle [Desktop Resolution]

Puzzle 1 [Desktop Resolution]

Puzzle 2 [Desktop Resolution]

This puzzle was so fun!  Thanks Mom & Dad for this special order puzzle.

Stash Report

I finished a project so I get to count the backing of ~ 1 1/2 yds 🙂  No purchases since my last update so here are the stats:

Added:  0     Cumulative Added: ~ 25 yds

Used: 1 1/2     Cumulative Used: ~22 1/2 yds

Net Out/(In): (~2 1/2 yds)

I’m thinking with a few days off before New Years, I might just get into positive territory for 2009!  Two and a half yards isn’t hardly anything 😉    Perhaps I can do something with these crumb blocks I made in March 2008 (I remember having so much fun making these, they are addictive!).  Sashing and backing should be more than 2 1/2 yards.

Crumb Blocks Closer