Design Wall Monday and A Story

I checked the IBOL website and see the bundle total is currently at 3,436.  Wow!  I sent two and was instrumental in one more 🙂  It’s been interesting to see that some folks have sent things for Mr. IBOL, including a customized t-shirt.  Check out the picture at the bottom of the post here.

So my design wall has my completed appliqued Eagle from Linen Closet Quilts and a little bit of that project I can’t show.


I also used my design wall to show the object of my story…..

E Shirts

Over a year and a half ago, I started to make a Scrappy Mountain Majasties from mens shirts and I mentioned the quilt was for someone else.   I made way more blocks than I needed for one quilt and, NO, I didn’t plan it that way.  In fact, I didn’t plan it at all…….just kept cutting squares from all the shirts.  Anyhoo,  I made two quilt tops, pieced together two backs and made binding enough for two quilts.   Along the way, I had my close encounter with the rotary cutter which I blogged about here which is another totally different story related to these quilts.   I finished the first quilt and that’s the last I blogged about this project.

I didn’t get back to the second quilt right away, then when I did, I couldn’t find it.  I COULD NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE.  I remember having it when I showed my co-workers, my friend at dinner and at my quilt guild.  I couldn’t specifically remember bringing it home but it had been a month or more since then.   I couldn’t find it at home.  And I looked in the most likely and most unlikely spots.  Trust me, I looked EVERYWHERE and asked EVERYWHERE I’d been when I last remembered having it.  After several weeks of constant looking and feeling sick to my stomach, I finally told the recipient that I had lost it.  I didn’t blog about that because it was AWFUL, AWFUL.

Fast forward 6 months.  I’m preparing to quilt one of the Dino quilts and go to get batting for it.  There is a stack of three folded pieces of batting by my longarm so I unfold the first one to see if it will work.  Lo and behold, what do I find folded ever so neatly and safely inside????  YES!!  The second mountain quilt top!  I can’t begin to tell you the elation I felt at seeing that quilt top.   It wasn’t lost, just temporarily stashed in a VERY safe and secure place…..yeah, that’s my horrible, awful, bad story with the VERY HAPPY ENDING or it will be just as soon as I get that sucker quilted, bound and off to it’s owner!!!

Design Wall Monday

This weekend was busy with the acceptance of quilts for the Quintessential Quilt 2009 show held Oct 3-Oct 30 this year.  That’s just to set the stage for what little I accomplished this weekend.


Yep, just one word, name actually, for the Cards vs Sox quilt.  That little bit of green above is a small quilt in progress but it’s a surprise so I can’t show any more than what I have here.  Those darn free pieced letters take time!  Perhaps they’ll go faster after I have more experience with them.  I also prep-ed an applique block from the Vicksburge BOM from Linen Closet Quilts.

K Eagle

Last, there’s a purple quilt in the works for DD2 and I laid out some fabrics this weekend to see if I want to use them for the Judy Laquidara workshop coming up as part of the Quintessental Quilt 2009 show.

K Purples

Fun, fun, fun……

IBOL Sundae & Design Wall Monday

Okay, so today is Tuesday, not Sundae or Monday, but what the heck!  Here’s my IBOL Sundae that I did actually eat on Sunday 🙂

IBOL Sundae

Here’s my second IBOL box ready to mail today.


And here’s what was on my design wall on Monday:


Yes, the Cards vs Sox quilt AGAIN…..this time with a 2 inch black border.  I’ve decided to do free pieced lettering with the solid black background and then throw in 4 patches on point randomly around the rest of the border.  I’ll see how it looks and go from there.

IBOL, Design Wall & Stash Report

Have you kept up with the happenings on the IBOL website? Art La Flamme, Mr IBOL guy, has been BUSY!  Mr IBOL had a SSP1 (super secret project) in which Sew Mama Sew offered bundles for $15….shipping included.  They sold out in 48 hours! Art also has SSP2 and SSP3 in the works.  Check out the involvment of Quilts Inc.  How cool would it be to go to Houston for the International Quilt Festival and walk around in a shirt like this?

As to my sewing room……’s what’s on my design wall:

Asian Suprise 1

Yep, that’s it.  It’s the first block in the Quilted Foxes “Asian Surprise” First Saturday BOM.   I cut the alternate block out but haven’t gotten it sewn up.  I was pleased with the way this block came together.  The back ground fabric is a creamy lawn and I’ve not sewn with a lawn fabric before.  It hasn’t caused any trouble…… far!

The Cards vs Sox red, white & black quilt blocks were finished up this weekend and I have the blocks sew into rows.   The rows are pinned together so I might get them together tonight and then the fun part begins when  I start on the free pieced lettering for the borders.

So my stash report…….not sure when folks count the stash as used but I’m going with a completed flimsy, a completed backing and prepared binding.  If I have to wait for a completed quilt, I’m sure I’ll give up reporting 😉

Stash added this week: 1/3 yd

Stash used this week: 0

Cumulative stash added:  3 1/3 yds

Cumulative stash used:  0

Here’s my addition…..what a wonderful green 🙂

A Fabric

Design Wall Monday :)

Judy at Patchwork Times has been hosting the “What’s on your design wall Mondays” for a while now.   I thought it might help keep me moving to participate so here’s what’s on my design wall……

B Design Wall

Not a surprise :0)  I’m more than half way through the blocks for the Cards/Red Sox wedding quilt.  The fun part of this quilt will be the free-pieced letters in the borders.  I’m thinking I’ll add a 1 1/2″ to 2″ border of solid black to frame these busy blocks.  I haven’t yet settled on the rest yet but it will come to me.  It better come soon since the wedding is Oct 17th!!!

I haven’t joined in on Judy’s stash reports but it’s been rolling around in my mind that I SHOULD participate so even though it is not Sunday, the official stash report day, here’s last weeks report:

Stash added this week:  3 yards

Brown Bear

I picked up 2 yards of this Brown Bear, Brown Bear fabric from Andover Fabrics by Eric Carle of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” fame that had just gotten restocked at Jackman’s Fabrics.  I also snagged a yard of this wonderful dusty pink fabric, on sale 😉

Stash used this week:  0 yards

Stats above are also my YTD numbers….we’ll see how long I keep this up!