I went on a three day sewing retreat with friends and we had a blast!  I received advice to take blocks to sew into tops at retreats because there’s lots of space and it doesn’t take the concentration that cutting or sewing blocks needs so you can really enjoy yourself.  Wonderful advice…I brought finished blocks for three projects and fabric for a center panel for a round robin (of a sort) that needs to be mailed Feb 12.  I’m happy I finished all three tops 🙂 Brown log cabins, First Saturday quilt (Fox Visits Provence) and Pinwheel Party (a free BOM offerered by Twiddletails in 2010!!!).

Brown Log CabinsFox Visits ProvencePinwheel Party I just have to add handles to these baskets on my design wall and then decide which one I’ll use for the round robin.  I’m linking up with Judy’s design wall Monday post. 

DWM 2-4-14On our way we shopped and some fabric jumped into my arms 😀 

Dixon PurchasesThen I received a truly wonderful gift, this box of civil war fabrics and blocks.  I was in heaven…..truly a treasure trove and I can’t wait to work on this UFO.  I’ll have to pay this one forward for sure!

Wonderful Gift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stash Report:

  •  Fabric in: 10 yards (Red, civil war print and neutral pieces)
  • Fabric out: 16.5 yards (Pinwheel Party in orange, brown log cabins & the Fox Visits Provence First Saturday project)
  • YTD Fabric in:  30.25 yards
  • YTD Fabric out: 30.5 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): (0.25) yards 

Happy Quilting, Cherie

January Blocks

My January First Saturday blocks are finished already.  I won’t even make to the First Sat in February to receive my free blocks….what is wrong with me?  I’d usually wait to do them until the next set of blocks is due 😉

Jan FS MainJanuary’s main block.

Jan FS AltAnd the alternate block.  I put them on the design wall to see what they look like set together.

FS Greek BlocksI’m not sure they add anything to each other.  Maybe they aren’t destined to be in the same quilt.  I’ll wait to see what the suggested setting are.

Happy Quilting, Cherie

Great News & Design Wall Post

I’m so excited for my fellow quilt guild member, Jan of The Colorful Fabriholic, because her book proposal has been accepted by AQS!  Isn’t that wonderful? 

I managed to get completely caught up on the Saturday blocks from The Quilted Fox. There won’t be any Friday night rushing to complete my block for the first Sat in January like there was for December……..  I’m linking up with Judy’s Design Wall Monday post.   My design wall is getting full of the Fox Sails the Greek Isle blocks. 

DWM 12-16-13

Here are the main blocks from Nov & Dec:

FS Nov MainFS Dec Main

And the alternate blocks:

FS Nov AltFS Dec Alt

I haven’t posted a stash report in ages.  I have been keeping track but I misplaced the paper for quite a while.  Here are my purchases contributing to the stash in….

Purple Mourning BundlePurple mourning prints from Liberty Homestead

All of the following were acquired on a fun trip to Paducah in Oct with two friends from my quilt guild, Jan of the accepted book proposal above and Carolyn.  We had a wonderful time eating lunch at Flamingo Row, shopping at Honcock’s of Paducah and enjoying the quilts at the National Quilt Museum.

IMG_3083Kaffe's and Shot Cottons

Kaffe prints and a couple of shot cottons

Fun Fabrics

Some fun prints and reds and whites

108 Wide Remnants

These are all extra wide remnants for a very good price!!


Stash Report

  • Fabric in:  32.5. yards (purple mourning prints, Hancock’s of Paducah trip, Hancock’s of Paducah online & gifted from Julie)
  • Fabric out: 7 yards (AAQI quilt, Vicksburg binding, 6 yards donated)
  • YTD Fabric in:  100.25 yards
  • YTD Fabric out:  33 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 67.25 yards surprise-icon

Happy Quilting, Cherie




Fun Things

I have a few fun things to show 🙂  First are the beautiful rosettes from the honorable mention ribbons my quilts won at the Quintessential Quilt 2013 show.

Honorable Mention RibbonThe one above was made by Mary Adams for Vicksburg and the one below was made by Deb Lewis for Tiled.  I’m pleased to have won these lovely ribbons 🙂

Hon Mention Ribbon





At scrap club several months back, Connie Barnett instructed us on how to make snap bags.  I’m so pleased with my fabric choices and the way the bag turned out, woot, woot!

Snap BagI’ve resumed an applique project, Folk Style Sampler from Australian Patchwork & Quilting that I started in August of 2007.  There are 9 blocks and I had 6 completed.  Here’s number 7

Block 7I’m about half way done with number 8 so this one might make it past the block stage in a couple of months.  Here’s my design wall with the first three months of the newest First Saturday, The Fox Sails the Greek Isles, as well as the last two blocks from The Fox has Dots series.  I’m linking up with Judy’s Design Wall Monday.

DWM 11-11-13


Happy Quilting, Cherie






Backing = Stash Out

I’ve taken some blocks down from my crowded design wall and put a couple of new ones up…’s still crowded!

DWM2 6-10-2013

I am caught up on the First Saturday blocks. 

FS May Alt

FS April Alt

July is the final month for “The Fox Has Spots” and “The Fox Visits the Greek Isles” series beings in August. 

I like the Saturday block series for three reasons, 1) I meet up with my quilting friends and we go for coffee afterwards, 2) pay $5 for the first main block and the rest can be free 🙂 and 3) Louise at the Quilted Fox always has different fabric and colors than what I would naturally gravitate to.  Sometimes we look at a block and think, huh?  but in the end the quilts always come together wonderfully.  I’ve used many of them for gifts…wait, I’ve used all of the ones I’ve completed for gifts, lol.

I got the backings ready for the Cherrywood Liberty and the Summer Cabins quilts.  I have the binding ready for Summer Cabins….miles of binding as this quilt is 91″ x 104″.

Liberty Backing

Summer Cabins


Stash Report

  • Fabric in:  0 yards
  • Fabric out: 11 yards (Summer Cabin backing and binding, Liberty backing)
  • YTD Fabric in:  60 yards
  • YTD Fabric out:  15.5 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 44.5 yards 

Happy Quilting, Cherie