Fun Things

I have a few fun things to show 🙂  First are the beautiful rosettes from the honorable mention ribbons my quilts won at the Quintessential Quilt 2013 show.

Honorable Mention RibbonThe one above was made by Mary Adams for Vicksburg and the one below was made by Deb Lewis for Tiled.  I’m pleased to have won these lovely ribbons 🙂

Hon Mention Ribbon





At scrap club several months back, Connie Barnett instructed us on how to make snap bags.  I’m so pleased with my fabric choices and the way the bag turned out, woot, woot!

Snap BagI’ve resumed an applique project, Folk Style Sampler from Australian Patchwork & Quilting that I started in August of 2007.  There are 9 blocks and I had 6 completed.  Here’s number 7

Block 7I’m about half way done with number 8 so this one might make it past the block stage in a couple of months.  Here’s my design wall with the first three months of the newest First Saturday, The Fox Sails the Greek Isles, as well as the last two blocks from The Fox has Dots series.  I’m linking up with Judy’s Design Wall Monday.

DWM 11-11-13


Happy Quilting, Cherie






UFO Challenge 2011

Judy has issued a UFO Challenge for 2011.  Here’s my list:

1 -10 Moon Glow – complete one of the remaining 10 star blocks

Picture from

11 First Saturday Foxy Fassett quilt – backing, quilting & binding

12 Crumb Quilt – backing, quilting & binding

1a Pinwheel Party Quilt Navy – backing, quilting & binding

2a Pinwheel Party Quilt Orange – piece top & backing

3a Flower Wall Hanging – finish hand quilting & binding.

4a Vicksburg – applique borders & sew together the top

5a & 6a Antique Reproduction Baby Quilts 1 & 2  – quilting & binding

(Picture from Instructions)

7a Seeds of Time – quilting & binding

Picture from Instructions

8a – 10a Moon Glow – complete 4 of the 12 alternate blocks

11a Topsy Turvy Nine Patch – borders and backing

UFO’s I’d like to get done but will take longer than a month or didn’t make the list:

Hand quilt Cherrywood Bricks –

Quilt  & Bind Liberty Quilt –

Quilt & Bind Summer Cabins –

Set First Saturday Asian Surprise blocks –

Set First Saturday Tipsy Fox blocks –

Finish & set Scrappy Star blocks –

Quilt & bind Technicolor Yawn

Folk Style Sampler – applique three remaining blocks

Wowsa!!  I think this is, perhaps, too challenging of a list to accomplish in one year.  I do, however, work best with deadlines so perhaps Judy’s challenge will be just what I need to drive me over the edge help me finish up some things that have been hanging around.

Folk Sampler & Backyard Fun

I’ve picked up the Folk Style Sampler applique project again.  This is a project from the Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine.  Here’s the magazine cover with Part II of the two part series.

So I’m busy working on my 6th block which happens to be the block in the top row left or bottom row right.

I’ve completed the other 2 blocks in the both the top and bottom rows as well as the block in the middle since starting this quilt in August 2007.  No typo there, I started this in 2007!!!  Anyway, here’s the progress I’ve made on the block and the block from the completed quilt above.  Notice anything?

I doubled checked the pattern and sure enough, there are two sets of leaves!  At first I thought maybe I’d mismatched the stems from another block….could easily have happened with so much time gone by since I started this project 😉  But no, there are definitely two sets of leaves.

WARNING:  Immediately following the two pictures below is a picture of something dead so don’t page down if you’re squeamish!

I showed a picture a while back of the spike-y plant the squirrels attacked.  Well, here it is now, recovering nicely.  I think I’ll try to hang this on the tree again, but I’ll watch it VERY carefully.

I also showed a picture of a nest in the hanging fern on my front porch.   We’ve since determined it’s a house finch nest.  There were three eggs laid and now we have baby finches, woo hoo!!  Can’t tell yet if there are two hatch-lings or if there’s a third as well.

Here’s to a great Memorial Day weekend!  I know my DH started his off with a bang since he caught a mole this morning that has been VERY busy tunneling up our yard!  THIS IS WAR.  DH has new grass growing in the huge bare spot where previous mole tunnels finally killed off the grass.  Look at those digging feet….talk about specialized!  They are so destructive to the yard but their fur is amazingly soft.  Check out that pointy nose….hey the nose and tail are about the same length.    If you stuck with me to the end, have a fabulous weekend>

More Paducah and Finished Blocks

Here are my traveling companions at Paducah 🙂  We had a great trip, thanks Darlene & Darlene!

A couple of folks spotted us in a local TV news bit which was fun to hear about…..and we spotted Quilter Man on his Segway!  Notice the tape measure and rotary cutter hanging from his tool belt?!?!

I completed block 6 for the Pinwheel Party quilt for both the navy and orange versions and block 7 in orange.

I also finally finished another of the Folk Art Sampler blocks from Australian Patchwork & Quilting Vol 12 No12 & 13 from 2007.   I now have 5 of the 9 blocks completed……mmmm started in 2007, half way done in 2010, blocks should be finished sometime in 2013.