This past weekend I was able to give the Cards vs Sox quilt to the bride & groom.  They seemed quite pleased and it was nice to be able to see them open it.  Here are a couple of quick picks taken right before delivery.  My holders were complaining a bit as they had to stretch to get the quilt up high enough to get the picture.  I sure appreciate their efforts 🙂

Cards 1 Cards

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Not much going on in the quilting room except the waterfall……did I mention the waterfall yet?  There has been so much rain around here that our window wells, well the one window well couldn’t handle it.  Of course it was one of the two in my sewing room.  It filled up with water until it started pouring in the window, down the wall and onto the floor.  Fun stuff I tell you.  That happened on Thursday.  Saturday morning we took down the quilt show and, boy, does the library seem dull without all the wonderful quilts hanging in the atrium and gallery.   Saturday evening was trick-or-treating and Sunday afternoon was quilt pick-up.  Pretty much shot my weekend but I did complete the quilting on the Cards vs Sox quilt, yea!!!


For DWM (design wall Monday) here’s a shot of a not much changed wall.


There WILL be something new next week, I PROMISE!!!  I have to make my First Sat block and sew the binding for the quilt, then I get to work on the TTNP blocks 🙂  Those of us who took the TTNP workshop are getting together Nov 10th to show our progress so I have to have something more done or I might be laughed out of the room 🙁

Edited to add:  Check out Judy’s post to see other what projects other folks are working on 🙂

Monday, Monday

Yes, it’s been a few days but the camera battery died and posts are not fun if they don’t have pictures!  First off, I didn’t post last week’s design wall Monday and it still looks the same for this Monday:

Q Workshop

The only difference from the last time I posted is the lettering for the Cards vs Sox quilt came down.  I wasn’t able to complete the wedding quilt in time for the wedding but I was oh, so close.

P Cards Top

Front ^

P Cards Backing

Back ^

I will get it quilted and handed off to the bride and groom soon, very, very soon.  Yep, that’s my story.

Design Wall & Borders

Okay, I’m layering it on…….my design wall that is 🙂

Cards vs Sox

There’s the finished letters (via Tonya’s free pieced tutorial) for the Cards vs Sox wedding quilt.  See, I have to be finished in 4, yes 4, days.  Yikes!  Behind the letter borders you see my Topsy Turvy Nine Patches from Judy Laquidara,  my First Saturday blocks and a bit of the Linen Closet Quilts BOM.  Oh, and the green fabric from the project I can’t show 😉

Here’s a pic of the rest of the Cards vs Sox quilt borders.  I sure hope this all comes together.  I’m thinking their names will go on the top border and the date on the bottom but to make it a bit more wonky, I might put the date on the right side….

Cards 2

Wedding Quilt

There are 7 more days for me to get the Cards vs Sox wedding quilt finished.  Last night I got the “&” and “JO” finished and got “S” and “H” half way done.  I’m not happy with the “O” and want to go back and round a couple of the corners… time is what I keep telling myself!


Now I have to figure out how I want to do the rest of the border.  I’m sure I’ll be hand sewing the binding down on the 5 hour drive to Rockford next Friday….good thing we’re driving most of the way while it’s light out 😉