Paducah Fun II

Oh, the things I saw in Paducah 🙂

Check out Quilt Man’s accessories !

What strawberry shortcake?? 

Yakety Yak, don’t talk back….and little piggy too 🙂  In front of the Yeiser. 

Kathy & Margaret were definitely in town to have FUN!!!  Weeee……

Isn’t this one cool cat?  Below is the quilt Le Chat de Mondrian by Connie Griner entered in the Wall Quilts Modern category.

Thanks for a wonderful show and great time, AQS & Paducah.


This is for you, Jeanne!  She says it’s been awhile since my last post so I’m popping in to say I’m Paducah bound, woo hoo!!!  And since a blog post is so boring without pictures, here are a few inspiration photos 🙂

Art hanging in at Lambert International Airport in St Louis, MO

Hexagon tiled floor…….

As seen in an old Ford dealership in St Louis MO that is now the Small Batch whiskey bar.  We were seated upstairs and the atmosphere was amazing!

And here’s a quick shot of some hand work I’ve been doing. 

Log Cabins

I finished sewing on the last round of logs.  I have a stack to iron still but I’m finished sewing all 110 blocks (this is a revision from 100 because, duh, 10 logs of each size in 11 different fabrics total 110), woo hoo.  Now I can play with the setting 🙂 

Brown LogCabin BlocksAnd because animal photos are just too cute, here’s Simontacchi supervising grocery unloading.  I think he’s keeping a sharp eye out for cat food….as you can tell, he’s food motivated 🙂

Simontacchi on Bag

Getting On With It

The more time passes since my last post, the more things I have to include, the longer the post in my mind gets so easy to put off.  I mentally shook myself and said, “Just get on with it!”  So here’s some of the things my brain has been mentally posting 😉

My DSIL sent me this picture with the following description, “This is what happens when I go to the quilt show in Chicago.”


Thank goodness no one was hurt….scared yes, but hurt no.  Remember, these buses only have ONE door!  I think it’s a sign she should plan to come to the AQS show in Paducah with me and stay away from the Chicago show, don’t you?  

I’ve been working on the scrap club year long project and here’s what I’ve gotten done.  This is the “star” part of the Christmas flag…..up next are all the “stripes”.

PP Trees

I’m hoping I haven’t gotten too light some of the tree parts or too dark/light on some of the backgrounds. 

The Thimble and Thread quilt guild hosted Ami Simms, blogger, teacher, founder of AAQI and creator of the sisterhood of the traveling panties!  Given my involvement with AAQI and a proud member of the sisterhood, I wasn’t going to miss Ami so Wanetha & I met up for dinner and went.  What a fun lecture with lots of laughter 🙂  Ami & I compared traveling panties and I think I won because she had a brownish/tan pair and mind were blue 😉  I love Ami’s jacket and think it looks fabulous on her.  She designed the pattern, has it produced by Butterick patterns,  and you can buy it on her website.  Pretty cool, huh?

Ami’s on the left 😉Ami Simms


Stash Report

  • Fabric in:  7.75 yards (All fat quarters from Jackman’s Fat Quarter Frenzy)
  • Fabric out: 10.5 yards (Backing & binding for Zig Zag 9 quilt and AAQI Priority quilts)
  • YTD Fabric in:  67.75 yards
  • YTD Fabric out:  26 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 41.75 yards 

Happy Quilting, Cherie

My Friend is Published

My friend, Darlene, who missed our annual trek to Paducah for the AQS show due to illness, has been published in the June issue of AQS magazine!  Woo Hoo!!!! Three years ago one of Darlene’s quilts, Meet Me in St Louis, was accepted into the Paducah AQS show.  I was a proud friend, let me tell you.  Her quilt caught the eye of the AQS editors and the rest is history.  Check it out:

Darlene's Article

The magazine in on newsstands now…..of course I knew about this for a while and even checked in with Darlene’s editor while I was in Paducah to see if the plan to have it in the June issue was still a go.  They also included a nice bio.

Darlene's Bio

Nice shout out for our guild 🙂  Also from our guild in this issue is Suzanne Marshal’s wall hanging, Echoing Spring, winner of Best Wall Hand Workmanship…..weeeeeeeeeee!

I’ve gotten a couple more First Saturday blocks done and the last paper pieced tree before I start over doing them with scrappy lights for the background.  The first PP trees will be orphans 🙁

FS Jun Main

FS Jun Alt

PP Tree