Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties

Thank you, Ami!  I have been participating in this rite of spring since the first year Ami offered to her readers to join the Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties.  I LOVE wearing my traveling panties and look forward to spring because I can get some new ones!  It’s a roll of the dice what colors you’ll receive…’s Ami’s statement about this:

No, you don’t have a choice. Ship your panties to the uncertain world of “Ami Playing With Dye” and what you get will be fairly random. This is not a science, nor is it an art, it is a whim. If you are uncomfortable with a certain amount of risk (in exchange for possible delight and a giggle or two when you get dressed in the morning) you shouldn’t be sending your underpants to strange people in the first place.

Last year they looked like Easter eggs.

Traveling Panties

But 2013 is the year of green…..I…LOVE….GREEN….weeeeeeee

Traveling Panties

Good Bye Google Reader

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I’m checking out other readers and many bloggers have gone to bloglovin…..I haven’t settled yet on what I’ll finally rely on when Google Reader is discontinued.  I’m checking out Feedly, too.  Time will tell……. 

Comments & AAQI

No, I’m not fishing for them but rather want to know if you are having any trouble leaving them on my blog.  For some reason folks were not able to leave comments…something about a bug in the software??  My web guru made a change and I’m wondering if it’s working.  Let me know at izoofan2 AT hotmail if you can not leave comments….that is if you want to leave comments….maybe you don’t…..which is fine…..not trying to twist anyone’s arm 😉

I’ve been checking out the new AAQI quilts for sale and really like this one by Carol Hamilton from Wentzville, MO, which is just the other side of St Louis from me 🙂

And it must be the change in seasons but this one has caught my eye as well :-O

Sugar Skull Reversed

Which is the reverse of this one 😉   Both of these are by Jude Edling of Blue Earth MN.   The town must have been named by a SciFi fan, don’t you think?


More Gifts and a Funny Dog

I made more Baprons for a baby sprinkle (second baby in the family so it’s less than a shower).  The new baby’s grandparents are from Minnesota and the Bapron on the right is a Minnesota fabric I snagged in Paducah this year.  The only thing is I wish I’d fussy cut it so that Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox was front and center.

I finished hand piecing block two of the Grandmother’s Choice BOTW.  I’m really happy with my choice of cheddar and green fabrics.

I just had to post these pictures of a dog riding in a VW bug that we saw on our way home last night.  It’s not everyday you see such a well turned out puppy dog!!  Check out those goggles.

Have a great weekend!

Andy Warhol Soup Cans

Have you seen these yet?  They are at Target and my DH had these sitting on the counter when I got home Tuesday night.  They are so fun!!  Can you believe it’s been 50 years since Andy Warhol painted his soup can pieces?

I was auditioning fabrics last night when Simontacchi decided to help…..I think he likes these 😉

But maybe he’s had enough of the picture taking and flashing!  lol

These fabrics are not meant to go together in the same project…..just in case you were questioning my choices, lol.