Hot July Monday

Hot, hot, hot!!  It was an excellent weekend to spend some time hanging out in the cool basement 🙂  I finished cleaning my sewing room.  There are a couple of more thing I want to do (get the mattresses out, refold some reclaimed fabric, etc.) but I declare the cleaning done.  For Design Wall Monday I forgot to take a straight on picture so here’s one cropped from a cleaning picture.   

Those 9 patches on the left side are made from 2.5 inch crumb blocks that I found while cleaning……I vaguely remember working on them 😉

Here is the conference table before:

And after:

There’s still a lot of stuff under the table, including 4 sewing machines and 4 boxes of stuff from the quilt guild quilt show but it doesn’t hurt anything.

The cutting table was cleaned up and then a few projects were strategically placed.

Cutting Table before:

And cutting table after:

The fabric shelves before – notice the stacks of fabric on the floor as well as several bags of reclaimed fabric:

Fabric shelves after – nothing on the floor in front of the shelves now 🙂 :

And last, before a recap of the chip racks, I have to say there’s a rumor running around my house that one of the chip racks may be recalled. Chip Racks  Before:

And chip racks after:

Happy Quilting, Cherie


Stash Report:

  • Fabric in:  0  yards  :)
  • Fabric out: 5 yards (donated to the quilt show:) )
  • YTD Fabric in: 135.5 yards
  • YTD Fabric out: 48.5 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 87 yards accumulated Down from from 92…..I know it’s not from finishing projects but it’s still gone from my stash so it COUNTS!!!

Lily Bean on a…..Quilt :)


Lily Bean is chillin’ at an Italian beach on a quilt my mother, Lily’s great-grandmother, made quite a few years ago. 

Cute, no?  Lily’s mommy says she likes putting her hands in her mouth and thinks her toes might be next 😉  Check out this picture!  The flower is almost as big as cute miss Lily’s head, lol.

And now something sewing related…one of the boppy covers I made in action 🙂

Okay, enough of the pictures of darling little Lily Bean…….I finished up the June & July First Sat main blocks, woo hoo.  Only the three alternate blocks and I’ll have all the blocks done.

Happy quilting, Cherie

New Rug in the Making

I’m working on a new rag rug.  The hardest part is trying to judge how far a ball of  “yarn” will go.  The picture is a bit dark as I took it this morning before leaving for work.  The bottom part is from a sage green sateen sheet, followed by a gold jacquard striped sheet and topped by a cream print cotton/poly sheet.   It’s much nicer to crochet with the sateen & 100 cotton sheets 🙂

DWM 6-20-11

Another design wall Monday and another week of not much sewing going on.  I haven’t even worked at catching up on the civil war BOW, my first Sat blocks are waiting as is the award ribbon AND several projects in process.   It’s due to a combination of the weather being nicer and being bitten by the reading bug….I’ve finished off about 4 books in the past two weeks.  If you’re reading the old fashioned way rather than listening to them, then you can’t be sewing!

Here’s my wall which is the same as last week.  Check out Judy’s DWM post for other design walls 🙂

I did finished a rag rug I started crocheting eons ago.  It looks pretty good on kitchen floor.

I sewed some on the Zigzag 9 quilt too but there’s not much progress to show.  I’m sewing the second half of the quilt together and making a few more 9 patches since I didn’t have quite enough.

I’m prioritizing my projects as I have some deadlines coming up.   Here’s a start:

Quilt Show Ribbon – due middle of July

SAHR project – must be completed by Sept 11

Crumb Quilt – must be completed by Sept 11

AAQI Priority Quilt – due middle of Sept

Hope this helps me focus.  I do want to catch up on the civil war blocks before it’s get too daunting…..if I get them cut, they can be my leader/enders.

Happy Quilting 🙂