Design Wall Scraps Again

It’s design wall Monday and here is my scrap quilt again 🙂  I have six of the 17 “B” blocks together.  I’ve taken them down from the design wall so this is the last time you’ll have to see them until the quilt is together 😉  Don’t forget to stop by Judy’s DWM post to see what other projects are in the works.

I also did a couple more test blocks using the method described by Jeanie in the comments of my earlier post here.

Jeanie figured out how to make these blocks without ending up with biased edges.   Jeanie said, “Anita Estes longarm quilter had a similar blk on her blog recently.  It was different but along the same lines of ‘backward piecing’.  Following Jeanie’s directions, here’s what I did.

Cut two 12 1/2″ squares of contrasting fabric.

Then make two half square triangles from the squares.

Then layer the two half square triangles (see picture) and make two hourglass blocks.

Next cut 1 1/2″ from the center line on each of the two hourglass blocks but make sure they are cut so the fabrics are alternating.  See how the dark fabric is on top in the left one and the light fabric is on top in the right one?

Now flip the pieces and sew.

Repeat with the other side cutting 1 1/2″ from the center on both squares, flipping the pieces and sewing to get these blocks.

If you open the seams and iron them to alternating sides, twirling the seams, it will reduce the bulk.

Next, cut 1 1/2″ from the center line perpendicular from the seams you just did, flip the pieces & sew.  Cut 1 1/2″ from the center on the opposite side, flip the pieces & sew.

Important, DO NOT cut the when you’ve just gotten off the phone to find out if the installers are going to show up because you took the day off especially for them to come… will cut 1 1/2″ away from the seam you just sewed, have to sew it back together again, and end up with an owie in your block.

Here’s the blocks after cutting & sewing the second center line.

Jeanie trimmed her’s to 10″ so I did too but there’s a bit of a gap were my owie occurred.  This took a little longer than the block that’s in Quiltmaker Magazine but you end up with two blocks versus one and no bias edges.  So there is backwards sewing as described by Jeanie & Anita Estes 🙂

Happy Quilting!

Design Wall Monday :)

I worked on another “B” block of the Scrap Vomit quilt and threw the pieces on the design wall to see how I like the solid colors I’ve chosen.  What do you think?

I need to pay attention to where the dark squares fall on these blocks or they’ll end up diminishing the pattern made by the solid black squares.  Overall I’m happy with the colors so it’s full steam ahead 🙂  Aren’t the two First Saturday blocks cute?  The colors for the Nov First Sat blocks is a great teal color.  Can’t wait to get them together.

Stash Report –

  • Added:  0  (haven’t finished cutting up those shirts yet 😉 )
  • Cumulative Added:  137 yds
  • Used:  2    Kaffe Fassett fabric left from the Foxy Fassett top sold to Darlene
  • Cumulative Used:  50.25 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (86.75 yds)

Have a terrific Monday!

Quick Post

The last two seams on the First Sat block are not ironed but I took a quick pic to prove I am ready for tomorrow’s First Saturday 🙂

Even though the lighting was horrible, I took a picture of  a sample layout of a “B” block for the Scrap Vomit quilt-a-long.   I’m testing black and red for the solid blocks.  Yes, those are –red– squares even though they look orange in this picture.   I’ll sew up this block and leave it on the design wall for a couple of days to see how I like the colors.

Pop Beads

A while back I posted here about the half hexie quilt I named Pop Beads.   I had the top, back and binding all done….even had the batting cut to size.  So when Judy spoke about finishing flimsies for the Tennessee flood victims, I passed the whole lot on to her.   She quilted and bound it and took a picture for me.  It’s all ready to go to 🙂

Last night I finished off the last of the 18 scrap leader/ender quilt blocks.  Yup, that’s all 18 blocks in that stack.

I also sewed up the Oct First Saturday alternate block finished.  The main block units are done so it will be done tonight….good thing, because it’s almost the first Sat in November 😉

Monday – Design Wall Time

I’ve got something new on my design wall finally 🙂  Hop over to Judy’s DWM post to check out some other design walls.

I finished 13 of the 18 “A” blocks for the scrap quilt.  The other 5 blocks are almost finished as well so I’m in good shape for keeping up with this one 🙂

Below you’ll see the test block, on the left, I made using directions from the latest Quiltmaker Magazine just to see how it works.  It’s quick to work up and looks good but you end up with bias edges on those triangles which could be a hassle.

It’s time.  Time to get on with the purchases from Ship-Shop-shewana as Judy’s been calling it.   I bought some wonderful, fun fabrics at both Yoder’s and Lolly’s, as well as Bonnie Hunter’s newest book.  The yellow yarn dyed roll is a piece of wide backing and will be great for my orange pinwheel party quilt (need to get that top put together1).

It’s time to update the stash report too 🙁  I’m not counting the fabric received from Dorris’ stash just yet and shirts that I acquired at Goodwill this weekend, not counted until they are washed and cut apart…..might not happen until the new year 😉

Stash Report –

  • Added:  17.5
  • Cumulative Added:  137 yds
  • Used:  9.5    yardage used for Oh, Crumb borders and IBOL package
  • Cumulative Used:  48.25 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (88.75 yds)

Have a terrific Monday!