First Sat Yikes!

The first Saturday is…..Saturday!!!  I didn’t have and still don’t have my block ready yet but I made some progress last night 🙂


I also threw some of the many 9-patch blocks on my design wall to see how they are looking.  These are made from 1 1/2″ squares so the 9-patch blocks will finish at 3″.  I have at least 100 of these made…..all done via leader/enders.   I think they’ll look better set on point….

F 9 Patches

Misc Things

I’ve been making leader/ender 9 patches for a while…’s a pile.


I read about fanning or twirling the seams on a couple of blogs.  Doing this helps your blocks lay flat but I haven’t given it too much thought.  Judy Laquidara from Patchwork Times has a good post about it here and since these are small blocks, 3 inches finished, the lumps at the intersection of the seams does make them un-flat so I thought I’d try it.  Last night while watching the Biggest Loser I picked the threads and this morning I gave a couple of these blocks a press.  Look at this:


Don’t they look nice and neat?  They certainly lay much nicer now.  I’m thinking I need to do this to all the 4 patches I’ve made…..nothing like a block that’s nice and flat 🙂

Every once in a while I grab a couple of fabrics from my scrap salad bag and sew them together as a leader/ender when I don’t have nine patch pieces all lined up.  I really do like the freedom of the crumb blocks!


It’s kind of like the cloud game where you look at the clouds and try to spot shapes, like a dog or an elephant.  In this one I see a house and a crooked fence 😉

Nine Patches

Here’s a picture of the new leader/ender 9-patches I’ve made.  These have the dark fabric in the corners versus the previous ones which had the light fabric in the corners.  Still not sure what I’ll do with them but the red ones seem like they’d look nice set on point and made into a miniature quilt 🙂