Andy Warhol Soup Cans

Have you seen these yet?  They are at Target and my DH had these sitting on the counter when I got home Tuesday night.  They are so fun!!  Can you believe it’s been 50 years since Andy Warhol painted his soup can pieces?

I was auditioning fabrics last night when Simontacchi decided to help…..I think he likes these 😉

But maybe he’s had enough of the picture taking and flashing!  lol

These fabrics are not meant to go together in the same project…..just in case you were questioning my choices, lol.

Design Wall Catch Up

Wow, it’s been long while since I’ve had a DWM post, or any post for that matter.  Be sure to hop over to Judy’s blog post here to see great projects posted from other quilters. Here’s my design wall from a couple of weeks ago…..nothing’s changed.

I do however, get to show a finished project this week, woo hoo!!!!  This is the First Saturday series from The Quilted Fox titled “Asian Surprise” and it includes both the main and alternate blocks.  I quilted it on Sophie and am pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Good thing, because it’s a wedding gift 😉


I tried paper piecing a few 4″ blocks.  They are pretty darned cute.

I sewed the binding on my AAQI Priority quilt….and have since finished it.  Now to get it registered.

We went on another treasure hunt at the Goodwill Clearance Center and I have my haul all washed, cut up and ready to use.

And while I was looking for shirts to re-purpose, check out the great treasures I snagged for Lily’s dress up box.  Tap shoes, beaded belt and sparkly necklace!!

And here’s a cute quilt picture, don’t you think?  Simontacchi is just too funny…….


Stash Report –

  • Fabric in:  7.5 yards (GW Shirts)
  • Fabric out: 0.5 yards (Asian Surprise binding)
  • YTD Fabric in: 106 yards
  • YTD Fabric out: 31.5 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 74.5 yards, uh oh…..

Happy Quilting, Cherie

MIA Monday

I’ve been missing in action and thank you to those of you who came looking for me 🙂

First up, one of my AAQI Priority quilts, Squared, has had it’s photo loaded in the Quilt Waiting for Assignment page, woo hoo!

It’s Design Wall Monday so click over to Judy’s DWM post for links to other DWM posts.  I have a completed top for my design wall!  It’s a log cabin project from scrap club.   It is being inspected by Capser and Simontacchi because that’s their job, you know!

While I was MIA I participated in the St Louis Shop Hop with Darlene, Marilyn and Jeanne.  We had such a fun time and they’re still smiling at stop #11!

I was very good on the first shop hop day, but the second day……..well, here’s what I snagged.

The cute ice cream and laminated owl prints aren’t for me…they are going to Italy for my DD to play with.  I can’t resist scraps and grab bags with scraps, well I’m in heaven.  Cross Patches, our shop hop stop #12, had grab bags of scraps in a basket in the back of the store.  The stack of scraps on the right in the top photo is the pile of scraps I got…..they are a wonderful mix of fabrics and I love them!  I picked up a few other pieces of fabric…….looks like I’m gravitating towards gold/pumpkin colors, doesn’t it? 

I have been working on my hexie project on the train as I haven’t taken the time to prep my next applique block.  My flower garden is growing 🙂


Stash Report –

  • Fabric in:  11.5 yards (shop hop fabric, recycled shirts & gifted scraps)
  • Fabric out: 8.5 yards (scrap log cabin top & gifted fabric)
  • YTD Fabric in: 33.5 yards
  • YTD Fabric out: 20.5 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 13 yards (must remember the goal is no more than 25 net in 😉 )

 Happy Quilting, Cherie

Daffodils, Jonquils, Oh My!

I have a great fondness for daffodils.  Their short bloom period is part of what makes them so special and signals the change from winter to spring.  They need little care, multiply prolifically and make great cut flowers……all wonderful reasons to love the daffodil.  Here are a few of the spots in our yard that have daffodils:

Can you see Casper watching me from the garage 😉

The photo above is the strip between the houses where tiger lily’s grow as well as volunteer trees which I cover with cans to keep them from sending out side shoots.  Just explaining what the rusty cans are doing here… can’t see them when the lily’s come up.

Cat Nap

It’s definitely not spring like weather in St Louis today.  My cat, Casper agrees, staying curled up on the warm bed this morning.  The quilt Casper is on was made by my mom.  We took a class together when she was visiting St Louis and now I have the quilt she made 🙂

I’ve continued making blue/green three patches and, as soon as I cross cut these sewn strip sets, I’ll have the required 414.   Then I’ll start sewing them into nine patches as I want to get the zigzag top together so I’ll be able to show it at the April scrap club meeting.  I’ve also continued leader/ender sewing the red/neutral half square triangles.  I don’t have a current count but it is more than 350 so I’m getting closer to 600 every day.