Design Wall :)

I’ve got something new going on on my design wall!   Wow, lousy picture, I need a better lighting setup for DWM pictures 🙁   Check out Judy’s Design Wall Monday post for other DWM posts.

Here are my November First Saturday blocks:

I’ve sewn all the units from steps 1 & 2 of Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll (RRCB) and started working on the borders for Topsy Turvy Nine Patch (finally)!!

RRCB Step 1 above

RRCB Step 2 and TTNP above

I laid out my Technicolor Yawn blocks to decide if I want to add any kind of a border to it.  I’m leaning towards a 2″ red inner border followed by two rows of scrappy squares.

Casper “helping” me with the layout…..

I finished the 5th step for the Stay-at-home-robin (SAHR).


Stash Report –

  • Added:  9.5  (finished cutting up those shirts)
  • Cumulative Added:  146.5 yds
  • Used:  0
  • Cumulative Used:  50.25 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (96.25 yds)


Last Design Wall in June

Not much on my design wall today.  Check out Judy’s DWM post for links to quilters who just might have a bit more going on than I do 😉

The wonky log cabin block is for Anna Maria Horner’s RAINBOW around the block effort which you can read about here.  The pinwheels, all 4 of them, are all the further I’ve gotten on the Pinwheel Party quilts.  I’ve been giving my left hand a rest for a week or two since I’ve been experiencing pain when holding down rulers for cutting and holding fabric when appliqueing.   I’m thinking I need to get one of those hand support gloves to help…..I’ve not been happy about this break 🙁

I finished the half hexie top.  I’ve named it Pop Beads because it reminds me of the plastic beads for toddlers that you pop together.  It looks better in person…..the horrible lighting on my design wall makes the dark pink  appear a bit drap in the pictures.

I did get Sophie in better running order and finished the Pirate Downy quilt.  Sophie is not back to normal because quilting from right to left causes the thread would break so I quilted only moving left to right.  I’ll load up a practice piece and see if I can’t get Sophie running perfectly again.

Since I finished the half hexie top I have an update……

Stash Report – Note to Lori: I haven’t received my giveaway fabric so I don’t have to count it yet.

  • Added:  0      Cumulative Added:  97 yds
  • Used:  4  (Pop Beads top)      Cumulative Used:  20 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (77 yds)
We had a kitty visitor again this weekend.  Rail thinks my freshly quilted log cabin is the perfect sleeping place 🙂

Quilting & Kitties

Here’s a shot of the quilting I’m doing on the log cabin quilt.  Don’t inspect too close as I’m an amateur but still in all I’m pretty happy with it.

A while back a gray striped cat adopted us and we named her Rail.  Mind we really didn’t want another cat but she needed a home as she was dumped, along with her kittens on our street.  Our neighbors, the husband which is allergic to cats, took a liking to her as she would join them on walks with their dog…..the cat has a lot of dog traits.  Over time they discovered that as long as the husband washed his hands after touching Rail, he didn’t suffer allergic reactions to her.   So a little over a year later, they officially adopted Miss Rail kitty with the understanding we would provide cat sitting services when they are away.  With that set up, here’s a picture of Miss Rail making herself quite at home in our house this week while her parents are away.

This quilt is perfect for napping

She is a cute little thing.  Of course I have to include some gratuitous pictures of the resident cats or suffer the cold shoulder from one or both them.

What quilt block???

I got off the quilt block so she'd better leave me alone!

It' soooo hot!

And I tried auditioning some fabric for alternate blocks for another 9-patch quilt but I’m not loving it.  What do you think?

DWM and Quilting

It’s Design Wall Monday again and you can check out Judy’s post to see what others have on their walls.  Here’s my wall.  I completed block two of the Pinwheel Party quilt.

I also did some quilting on Sophie 🙂  She’s still a dream girl to work on and we got the second Scrappy Mountain Majasties quilt quilted.  It’s been trimmed and is ready for the binding.

Simontacchi was quite the pest this weekend when he wasn’t spying on the birds in the backyard.

Or napping on the quilt….

Or showing off his belly 😉

Stash Report

  • Added:  6     Cumulative Added:  55.5 yds
  • Used:  3 (backing for Recycled Cabins)          Cumulative Used:  ~10 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (45.5 yds)

Cute Quilt Kitty

Funny how cats can curl themselves up to be exactly the size of what they want to lay on, isn’t it?  I’m hand quilting this project and it’s “resting” while I work on the AAQI priority quilt.  Simontacchi thinks it needs a “resting” partner 🙂  Here’s the progress I’ve made on the AAQI quilt.  The blue lines are the “Definitely Can’t Be Larger Than or Ami’s Head Might Explode” lines 😉