Design Wall Monday

You can check out what other people are working on by checking in with Judy’s Design Wall Monday post.  Here’s what’s on my design wall:

The crumb quilt from my scraps I’m calling Fiesta!  The crumb border blocks are not sewn yet as I’m still playing with the placement but it’s much closer to finished now.

I was involved in a little retail therapy:

But a couple of the piece are to be used immediately (yes, I’m justifying).

This piece is already cut into squares, making 8 napkins (in place of paper so this is a green project…never mind I already have cloth napkins 😉 )

This piece I bought to practice some long arm quilting.  I thought these prints of vintage appliqued quilts would provide a fun, structured practice piece.  In addition, one of the other pieces, the purple one, has already been used for the second border on “Fiesta” so that means 5 yards have already been put into play 🙂

First 2010 Stash Report:

Added:  15     Cumulative Added:  24 yds

Used: 0         Cumulative Used:  0 yds  (I’ll count the napkins when they are finished and the practice piece when I’ve practiced!)

Net Out/(In): (24 yds)  Ugh!

On a better note, here are some pictures of my cats…

Last, here are the fabrics for the January First Saturday blocks.  Can’t wait to get these done.

Stash Report

So I haven’t done a stash report since Sept 30th???  Wow, time flies, doesn’t it?  Well, that’s okay because there wasn’t any fabric in or out until last week and then part of it is my SIL’s fault 😉  She gave me this wonderful bundle of red pieces…..probably a couple of yards worth of fabric…maybe more but I’m only counting it as 2!

P Gift

Then this arrived:


Simon says it’s interesting and smells good.  Here’s what was inside:

package 2

Don’t you just love the gals at Z&S?  They tie up your purchases so cute!

Package 3

I love these fabrics!  The purple in back will go so well with the purple quilt I have planned.  The limey green fabric is wonderful just for it’s lime-ness.  The leaf print just struck my fancy and the navy fabric on the right will be a great background piece.   I love them 🙂

So here’s the damages:

Added this week: ~13 2/3  Cumulative Added: ~ 16 yds

Used this week: 10     Cumulative Used: ~15 yds

Net Out/(In): (1 yds)  Oops…..I’ve gone the wrong way!!!

I picked all the loose threads from the fabric off the back of the wedding quilt so I won’t have any annoying “varicose veins” showing through.  For some reason I really enjoy this part of the process…it’s soothing to me.

P Threads

Non-Quilting Misc

Here are some pictures of our newly installed doors.

C Sliding Door InsideSliding Glass door inside….

C Sliding Door Outsideand out.

C Front Door InsideFront door inside…..

C Front Door OutsideAnd out.

And here’s a couple of pictures of my kitties Simontacchi and Casper.

C SimontacchiSimontacchi just chillin’

CasperCasper after a hard night attracting all the burrs he could find!  He looks polka dotted 🙂

Don’t mind the missing baseboards above…..they’ll be installed soon.