Paducah, Here I Come

I received my AQS  name badge yesterday.  I’ll do my best to stimulate the economy while at the quilt show…but not tooooo much 😉

I’m being green and re-using a name badge holder from last year so that’s why it looks a little, well, used.


I took pictures of Simontacchi & Casper… wait they are quilt related, really.  Casper is in a chair featuring a throw I made many years ago and Simontacchi is laying near one of his favorate toys…..the hem cut off the bottom of a Goodwill shirt to be used for QUILTING.  See?  Both quilting related 🙂  Simon loves to drag the cut off hem around and have you play fetch with him.  No kidding, he loves for you to throw it and he’ll bring it back for more.  Lots of these hems end up in my sewing room with Simon pestering to play the fetch game.  Sometimes, he can be a pest.


Crocheted Rug Progress

Since I was busy hand quilting on our trip this past weekend and then finished it while I was there, I brought along the rug I’ve been working on to have something to work on for the return trip.  The rug is growing……it’s getting big and bulky.

Rail, what are you doing on the rug?


Hey, Rail!


Okay, no more gratuitous pictures of the cat, here’s a picture of the rug 😉


I’m Back!!

I have been on a quilting hiatus but the First Saturday club (Foxey Fassett’s) began a new year and I’m back in the swing of things.  I’ve gotten my sewing room fairly picked up and have been cutting squares again for the Mountain quilt and have a goal to have all the squares I need cut by Aug 11th (Karen, I WILL have pics to post 🙂 ).  Here are pictures of the first Foxey Fassett’s block and the alternate block I’ve elected to purchase so I’ll have 24 blocks rather than just 12.

First Sat Block

First Sat Block

Alternate Block

Alternate Block

A week ago this little kitty showed up in our front yard, skinny as a rail, and walked right up to the front door.



She meowed as if to say, “This is where I live now, could you please feed me?”  She now shows up most evenings for a meal and is waiting outside the back door in the morning for breakfast.  We’ve taken to calling her Rail and she’s quite sweet.  All the pets go to the vet Saturday and Rail is going too.  Does this mean she’s our kitty?  In addition to the two inside cats, Casper & Simon?  Mmmmmmmmmmm……..