DWM & AAQI Priority Quilt Update

First off, here’s my design wall……..it’s a Pinwheel Party!!!  With Block B-1 you end up with an extra one that I’ll save for the back of the quilt.

Check out what other quilters have on their design walls at Judy’s Design Wall Monday post.

Next up, our AAQI Priority quilts have been assigned their registration numbers and are listed on the “Quilts Awaiting Assignment” page, woo hoo!!  They are 4957 thru 4968 🙂  I’ve sent the quilts out today so the pictures should be added soon.

In between watching Molly and her owlets this weekend (got to see the 4th owlet hatch!) I managed to sew the fourth Pinwheel Party blocks, get the binding machine sewn down on two quilts and load Sophie with my next quilt.

Design Wall Monday!

Here’s my design wall!  There are the first three blocks of the Pinwheel Party in the original navy blue background and the new orange background along with the March First Saturday blocks 🙂  Check out Judy’s DWM post to see what others have on their walls.

I’m quilting another Dinosaur quilt for another baby boy who lives in Australia.  Sofie is sooooo nice to work on…..I know I say that everytime I mention her 😉

And I started another quilt which I absolutely didn’t need to do.  I did however feel like mindless cutting without having to engage the brain too much and this new quilt fit the bill.

It’s a hexagon quilt using the Tri tool from the Tri Rex tools as explained on Baby Boomer’s blog.

DWM and Quilting

It’s Design Wall Monday again and you can check out Judy’s post to see what others have on their walls.  Here’s my wall.  I completed block two of the Pinwheel Party quilt.

I also did some quilting on Sophie 🙂  She’s still a dream girl to work on and we got the second Scrappy Mountain Majasties quilt quilted.  It’s been trimmed and is ready for the binding.

Simontacchi was quite the pest this weekend when he wasn’t spying on the birds in the backyard.

Or napping on the quilt….

Or showing off his belly 😉

Stash Report

  • Added:  6     Cumulative Added:  55.5 yds
  • Used:  3 (backing for Recycled Cabins)          Cumulative Used:  ~10 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (45.5 yds)

Stash Report

First, I forgot to add my stash report yesterday and maybe it had something to do with my recent purchases 🙁  BUT, I have a good excuse!  I needed 3 yards of a solid for the Pinwheel Party quilt and I didn’t have 3 yards of one color in my stash, so you see, I had to order some fabric.   When you order fabric from the Fabric Shack, you have to make it worth the shipping cost so I added a shot cotton, a couple of other solids and a couple Jo Morton’s to the shopping cart.  But look, I’ve put the solid navy fabric to use already!

Added:  10     Cumulative Added:  49.5 yds

Used:  0           Cumulative Used:  ~7 yds

Net Out/(In):   (42.5 yds)  Yikes!!!!  I don’t get to count anything as used yet 🙁

Fun Fun Fun

Hey, check out the link on the right side for the Pinwheel Party hosted by Twiddletails blog.  Think I can keep up with a block a week for 12 weeks and the 13th week for sashing and borders?  We’re going to find out!

Here’s my stash report:

Added:  0     Cumulative Added:  39.5 yds

Used:  .5  (house blocks)      Cumulative Used:  ~7 yds

Net Out/(In):   (32.5 yds) Still heading in the right direction…..just not too quickly