May Monday

We are having some wonderful weather here in St Louis.  Absolutely gorgeous.  This week, I have a few new blocks on my design wall, including including blocks for a new leader/ender project 😉  Be sure to check out Judy’s DWM post here.

I finished up the alternate First Saturday block.

I made “Grapes of Wrath“, block number 50 of Barbara Brackman’s civil war BOW from 2011.  Since I’ve decided to use the medallion setting and only need the original 53 blocks, I only have 5 more blocks to finish, yea!!!

Lastly, I’ve been sewing these 9 patches as my leader/enders with an eye to making some Hot Crossed 9-Patches inspired by the Block Lotto April 2012 block.  I’m using reclaimed shirt fabric but haven’t decided what fabric to use for the “cross” part.  I’ll be sewing the frame pieces leader/ender as well 🙂


Stash Report –

  • Fabric in:  0 yards
  • Fabric out: 4.5 yards (gifted, and, yes, it counts!)
  • YTD Fabric in: 93.5 yards
  • YTD Fabric out: 26 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 67.5 yards (down from last week, woo hoo!)

 Happy Quilting, Cherie


What’s This?

I snapped a couple of shots of the things on my family room sewing table.  I made these units, using my stash of thrifted shirts, at my scrap club last Saturday:

And started working on these this week:

These couldn’t possibly be new projects, could they?  Because I certainly DO NOT need anymore projects going on!!

Valentine’s Design Wall Monday :)

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂  My Design wall has more of the same and something new.  I finished another piece of the Vicksburg border applique and block 7 of Barbara Brackman’s civil war BOW.   What’s new are the two plaid squares in the middle.  Check out Kate’s post here to see where I’m headed with them.   Be sure to hop over to Judy’s DWM post.

Here’s block 7 for the civil war BOW.

These are the shirts I’m using for more blocks like the green/blue ones in the middle of my design wall.  I think this quilt will be fun and should go fast.

I’ve continued to cut and sew leader/ender sytle more half square triangles for step 5 of RRCB.  There are now over 200 (each stack is 20) …… less than 400 to go!

I got a couple of other things done this weekend including cutting block 5 of Moon Glow, my UFO 2011 Challenge for Feb.  I probably won’t get it together this month as I’m still working on Jan’s block 4.  I’m hand piecing these as doing them on the machine wasn’t working out very well.  I’m keeping at them and that’s more than I can say for 2003-2010!!  I pieced the binding for the animal quilt too.

Stash Report:

  • Fabric in:  .5 (a couple of Fox tails)
  • Fabric out: .5 (binding for animal quilt)
  • YTD Fabric in:  10
  • YTD Fabric out: 5.5
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 4.5 accumulated

Monday – Design Wall Time

I used a cute fabric to fussy cut some squares.  Then I pulled some fabrics from my stash to frame them.   I think they are pretty cute 🙂  Check out Judy’s design wall Monday post to see what other quilters are working on.

What?  You say this is a new project???  Why, yes, it is.  But I’ve been sewing half square triangles for RRCB leader/ender style.  And, since today is a holiday, I plan to sew my Moon Glow block.

Stash Report:

  • Fabric in:  4.5 (from thrifted shirts)
  • Fabric out: 0
  • YTD Fabric in:  4.5
  • YTD Fabric out: 0
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 4.5

On a Roll

Monday evening I made a decision to use multiple reds for Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.  I had toyed with the idea of using dark raspberry but I didn’t have enough fabric in my stash that I thought would work.  I looked at using one red fabric as Bonnie did but after looking at several other RRCB quilts in progress (like Jo’s or Pat’s or Wendy’s) decided I liked the more scrappy look of several different reds.  Below is my selection of reds.  Please tell me what you think of them……I started cutting the one in strips but can change any of the others.  The picture is close to the actual colors.

RRCB step 5 is making 600, yes, 600 half square triangles from the reds and neutrals.  I’ve cut 42 so far :-P.

I’ve cut up the thrifted shirts so I’ll have to add 4 1/2 yards IN on my first stash report for 2011……when I post it 😉

Happy Quilting, Cherie