May Monday

Another Design Wall Monday 🙂

I’m all caught up on Barbara Brackman’s civil war BOW blocks even with the trip to Paducah 🙂

I’ve added enough to the Zigzag 9 top that it doesn’t fit on my design wall.   Blocks set on point do not make for nice in-progress pictures, lol!

Okay, now for the stash report…….

Stash Report:

  • Fabric in:  0 yards……wait I mean 65 beautiful, on sale, lovely-to-touch, fabulous yards
  • Fabric out: 0 yards
  • YTD Fabric in: 92 yards
  • YTD Fabric out: 16 yards
  • Net Fabric In/(Out): 76 yards accumulated


    On the Wall…..

    My design wall has a few new things.   Civil war BOW #15 & #16 and a couple of rows from my Zigzag 9 project (the rows are turned on my design wall – instead of “pointing” to 3 o’clock, they should point between 10 & 11 o’clock).  Judy’s Design Wall Monday post has links to lot’s of great posts here so be sure to check them out.

    The zigzag quilt is turning out just how I pictured it would.  The light green background is the exact color I wanted but I had to buy a lower quality fabric to get it.  I could have ordered a Kona solid but I wanted something now.   I bought a quilters cotton from Joanne’s and while it feels cheaper and wrinkles more easily, it seems okay.   I’ll just make sure it’s quilted densely.  Good thing I like the color or I’d be mad about the quality sacrifice 😉

    Speaking of scrap club, we were to meet this past weekend but a tornado ripped through St Louis and left our meeting location without power.

    Here are my strips all ready to go…….

    And speaking of going, I’m headed to Paducah tomorrow for the quilt show 🙂  Darlene & I are staying with the same wonderful hostess we had last year and due to Darlene’s terrific quilt actually being in the show, it’s promises to be a very special trip.  Woo hoo!!!

    Stash Report:

    • Fabric in:  0 yards, yep still nothing new but after the trip to Paducah this will change 😉
    • Fabric out: 0 yards
    • YTD Fabric in: 27 yards
    • YTD Fabric out: 16 yards
    • Net Fabric In/(Out): 11 yards accumulated

    First Saturday

    ..….is this Saturday so it’s a good thing I got my block finished last night 😉

    I also cut the remaining strip sets so the three patches multiplied!  I’m ready to start sewing the 9-patches now.

    Company is coming so I will have to give up some weekend sewing time to house cleaning but I plan to get decide on and sew the borders for Lily’s quilt, if nothing else.

    Cat Nap

    It’s definitely not spring like weather in St Louis today.  My cat, Casper agrees, staying curled up on the warm bed this morning.  The quilt Casper is on was made by my mom.  We took a class together when she was visiting St Louis and now I have the quilt she made 🙂

    I’ve continued making blue/green three patches and, as soon as I cross cut these sewn strip sets, I’ll have the required 414.   Then I’ll start sewing them into nine patches as I want to get the zigzag top together so I’ll be able to show it at the April scrap club meeting.  I’ve also continued leader/ender sewing the red/neutral half square triangles.  I don’t have a current count but it is more than 350 so I’m getting closer to 600 every day.

    It’s Monday, Time for Design Walls

    Spring is coming because the daffodils in my yard are up and some even have the swell of flowers buds!!  On that happy note, here’s what’s on my design wall:

    Be sure to click over to Judy’s DWM post to check out what’s happening on other design walls.  My wall is pretty much like last week with the addition of the newest civil war block, Birds in the Air, from Barbara Brackman’s block of the week.   You see two of them there…..yeah, well, I was being cute and thought I’d calculate exactly what size to trim down the half square triangles to and missed an important item….the seam allowance!!  LOL, at least this was a quick and easy block.

    I joined a scrap quilters club and the first project of the year used this Awesome Lap Quilt pattern in Moda’s Bakeshop.    Well, awesome it wasn’t as cutting directions did not yield pieces that went together as directed.  I put mine together with a portrait orientation, cut some new pieces, un-sewed a bit and I’m calling it done!


    Stash Report:

    • Fabric in:  2 yards, both on sale, one of black Kona and a brown print
    • Fabric out: 2 yards (Awful Awesome lap quilt)
    • YTD Fabric in:  12 yards
    • YTD Fabric out: 9 yards
    • Net Fabric In/(Out): 3 yards accumulated