RSC Pink, Watermelon Pink

I went surfing in my shirting scraps and found I don’t have many pinks and, of the ones I have, I wouldn’t necessarily call them watermelon pink but they will do 😉  Can I say I.LOVE.MY.STUDIO.CUTTER?  Having the dog ears cut off the triangles makes it SO easy to sew accurate HST’s.  The same with the speaky/pike (peaky/spike) triangle square pieces.  It’s awesome!  Oops, got a little off track there….here are my broken dishes blocks for July.

RSC July 16RSC July 16 PinkRSC July 16 Pink 2Linking up with Soscrappy’s Saturday Rainbow Scrap Challenge linkup.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Ketchup

…..oh, wait, that’s catch up 😉  I finally finished up my Sept orange broken dishes blocks, yay me.   After a busy Sept (see previous post about that here) I was able to get some free sewing time.

RSC15 Sept OrangeSo not only are the oranges put to bed, I’ve gotten my October blocks started……yay me again.   October’s color is brown….not the most fun color but I’m happy with my blocks.

RSC15 Brown