Weekend Progress

Here’s the second mountain top with both borders finished.  I was cutting the dark plaid for the outer border when I had my way-too-close encounter with the rotary cutter.


I’ve started piecing the backs for both mountain quilts so maybe I’ll be able to throw one on the quilting machine soon.

I finished quilting the dinosaur quilt.  I had trouble with the thread breaking so I adjusted the tension TWICE but eventually I got it working just right 🙂  I took the time to bury the thread ends in the quilt and boy my eyes got a work out threading the needle especially since the thread broke so many times.  I’ve trimmed it up and have the binding all ready to sew on.  I might get to that tonight but I still have my First Saturday block to get finished for Saturday.



SNOW and Other Stuff

Yea!!!  Finally we got some snow, okay so it was only a dusting, but it covered the ground and crunched under foot.  Seems like many places are having record amounts of snow and the St Louis area has been left out 🙁

So what did I accomplish on this holiday weekend?  See the Minky strip sewn into the backing for the Dino quilt?  Love that Minky.


And this:


What’s this!!!


You turn your back and look who finds themselves a comfy spot, Rail kitty, that’s who.

And here’s the second Mountain quilt being sewn together using Bonnie Hunter’s webbing the top method.


And with the first border…..


So all was going along fine and I was cutting up a shirt for the second border when a small accident occurred.  Gee those rotary cutters are sharp:


My old rotary cutter doesn’t close automatically but my husband bought me a new one that does so I was feeling like the “old dropping the rotary on my foot” fear was history.   Just wasn’t watching out for the old jump the ruler and cut the finger trick.  Three and a half hours, three stitches, some glue (for the fingernail) and I’m on the mend.  I think there’s a cutting glove in my future……06-1680-180