Topsy Turvy Nine Patch Party

I’ve talked about taking the Topsy Turvy Nine Patch workshop with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times this past Oct and no doubt you’re tired of seeing the six blocks I completed at the workshop on my design wall.  Well, here’s some new pictures to look at 🙂  Our president, Carolyn, invited us to her house for a progress party.  Darlene made Iowa Chowder, yummmy!  For the folks who allowed me to post them, here are the in-progress photos.


Sandy’s who has more completed more blocks as well as block parts in her cute pizza box.


Vivienne’s who chose not to struggle with the paper pieced diagonal triangles, you go girl!


Christine’s sweet quilt…you can really see the “Topsy Turvy” movement on hers!


Darlene’s fun quilt with her own added touch of appliqued squares.  Darlene takes the prize for most complete top 🙂


Jan’s “Topsy Turvy Happy Accident” created by reversing the background and dark fabrics.


Jan’s terrific piano key border….wow, what a graphic quilt….I love it.

Q Workshop

And here’s mine….again!

We had a great time and laughed over our names for parts of this quilt…..the river part, the bird part, etc.  Many thanks to Carolyn and Darlene and the rest of the guests!

Monday, Monday

Yes, it’s been a few days but the camera battery died and posts are not fun if they don’t have pictures!  First off, I didn’t post last week’s design wall Monday and it still looks the same for this Monday:

Q Workshop

The only difference from the last time I posted is the lettering for the Cards vs Sox quilt came down.  I wasn’t able to complete the wedding quilt in time for the wedding but I was oh, so close.

P Cards Top

Front ^

P Cards Backing

Back ^

I will get it quilted and handed off to the bride and groom soon, very, very soon.  Yep, that’s my story.

Quilt Show & Design Wall

My design wall has the blocks I finished at Judy’s workshop on Saturday.  I like how you can already see the diagonal pattern forming….of course I’ve put them up there with a forwardslash oreintation and Judy’s pattern has them in a backslash oreintation.  That’s me being different, again!  We had a great time at the workshop and Judy’s lecture on Sunday was terrific.  She really has the eye for making the blocks blend into sashing and borders that make you see the overall design, not the single blocks.  She did a slide presentation, then showed 25 quilts which she let folks look through following her lecture.

Q Workshop

On Thursday we hung our Quintessential Quilt 2009 show.  Here are the racks of quilts waiting to be grouped and hung.

Quilt Show 1

Our small quilt show is a juried & judged show that hangs in the University City Puplic Library’s gallery and atrium for the month of October.  We were scheduled to hang the show on Friday but we decided it would be great to hang it a day early and participate in the Loop in Motion Art Walk on Friday evening.  There are 67 entries and three judges quilts for a total of 70 quilts hunging!  Fun times, fun times 🙂  Actually there is a great group of women in our small quild and it is a pleasure to work with them.