Vicksburg 7

I finished block 7 of the Vicksburg FREE BOM on the MetroLink this morning.

I realized, horror of horrors, I would finish the last leave well before arriving at work leaving me with no hand work!!  I dashed downstairs, quick cut a square of background fabric and stuffed a handful of scraps in a bag.  Whew!  Saved by the tile quilt.   There are several folks working on modern tile quilts as can been seen here.   I had a heart go all wonky on the Vicksburg block above so I’m using it as the first piece of my tile block.  Think I’ll leave this project in my work bag permanently to keep me out of trouble just in case 😉

Design Wall

I selected fabrics for block 7 of the Vicksburg FREE BOM this weekend.  I wasn’t sure which background fabric to use for it so I put the blocks on my design wall.  I was going to throw in a third background fabric but now think I’ll just sew two of the remaining 4 blocks on the lighter background and the 2 on the darker background.  I’ll move the pineapple and cherry blocks and replace them with the darker background blocks.   In hind sight I should have switched to a third background when I did the cherry and pineapple blocks.  Check out what other quilters have going at Judy’s Design Wall Monday post 🙂

It’s DWM Time

I have a messy design wall.  I didn’t manage to make the Pinwheel Party block this week but I did finish my mini-9 patch, yea!!  I also finished block 6 of the Vicksburg FREE BOM.  Be sure to stop by and see what other quilters have on their design walls from Judy’s DWM post.

I’m loving the fabrics I bought for this mini 9-patch and can’t wait to hand quilt it. AND I get to count the yardage out on my next stash report!!  🙂

I’m not totally happy with the Vicksburg Hospitality block but can’t decide why because I like the “pineapple” fabric……maybe it’s the greenery fabric……could be it’s too dark.  I’m sure it will look better when I get all the blocks together, right?

Stash & Stuff

I haven’t posted anything about the Topsy Turvy Nine Patch (TTNP) since I discovered I couldn’t find more background strips.

TTNP blocks on the top left.

I thought I had enough fabric but since I pulled it from my stash I couldn’t be absolutely sure.  I either hid the strips from myself or I really didn’t have enough.  So I’ve been on the hunt for more of the fabric….it’s from the Olivia line and has “OLIVIA” in medium cream repeated over and over on a cream background.  I spent several weeks searching the internet finding all kinds of Olivia fabric but none of the cream colorway.  I finally reconciled myself to substituting another fabric.  I was sure I’d find a suitable one in Paducah and while there, stopped to visit Judy Laquidara. I mentioned my TTNP problem and she graciously offered to add a picture on her blog and ask if anyone had any of the OLIVIA fabric for me.  Something told me I’d better search the internet one more time before sending the picture to Judy… luck would have it, I found it at Be Sew Happy Quilt Shop.  I received my package yesterday!!!

I had to order a couple of other fabrics to justify the postage now didn’t I? Now I can get back to the TTNP 🙂

Speaking of Judy, she reviewed Quiltmaker’s Small Quilts magazine and since she liked it, I took a peak at it.  As you can see, I liked it too 😉  It has some really cute quilts.

I’ve spent a bit of time in waiting this week and the 6th Vicksburg FREE BOM is almost done because of it 🙂

Since I’ve added to my stash, here’s my stash report:

Stash Report

  • Added:  4.5      Cumulative Added:  97 yds
  • Used:  0         Cumulative Used:  15 yds
  • Net Out/(In):   (82 yds)  **SIGH**