Design Wall Monday

I put together a simple Halloween table runner that is a gift for someone I work with.  Strange to give a Halloween gift at this time but it’s a thank you gift for someone who loves Halloween.  I sewed up scraps from two green & pink quilts I made a while back so I now have four orphan blocks.  Peaking out behind the table runner is block #2 of the Vicksburg Free BOM from Dawn of Linen Closet Quilts.  I also finished putting together the project with the green fabric that has been making limited appearances on the design wall and while I can’t show a picture of it yet, I CAN count the yardage as USED!!  🙂

F Design Wall

Design Wall Monday

Here’s a picture of the second Vicksburg block and I’m not sure I’m happy with my fabric choices but I’ll wait to see how it looks later.

F Vicksburg 2

Vicksburg #2

Block #4 is out already but Block #3 is actually 4 pieced blocks which I’ll get to soon.  I’ve already started block #4 so I’ll catch up!

So I haven’t given a stash update for a while….I’ve been bad, sort of.  I purchased the Halloween fabric I needed for the table runner (2.5 yds) which was on sale.  So I picked up a purple and white piece of Halloween (3 yds).  I used a 30% off coupon for Jackman’s Fabrics to get the darling green fabric with the cute birds from Red Rooster (2 yds) and the red dot fabric was only $3/yd!  The Kaffe Fassett fabric is a Fox Tail (1/3 yd)  from the Quilted Fox….isn’t it fun?

Fabric Stash

Stash Enhancement

So here’s the damages:

Added this week:  ~9  Cumulative Added: ~ 25 yds

Used this week: ~5     Cumulative Used: ~20 yds

Net Out/(In): (~5 yds)  Hmmmmmm…….not making progress here.

Vicksburg #2 Started

I’ve started the second Vicksburg applique block… will take a bit longer than the first one 😉

Vicksburg 2

And I almost forgot my stash report for this week.  Very boring…..nothing purchased, nothing used but next week I should have some numbers to report from my workshop project 🙂

Added this week: 0  Cumulative Added: 3 1/3 yds

Used this week: 0     Cumulative Used: ~5 yds

Net Out/(In): 1 1/2 yds

Design Wall Monday :)

I am happy to say I have new stuff on my design wall 🙂  Here you see the blocks for my new project, the same green fabric for the project I can’t show and the free pieced letters for the Cards vs Sox quilt.

Workshop Blocks

The blocks are for my workshop (Topsy Turvy Nine Patch) with Judy Laquidara this coming Saturday.   Maybe even more important than new stuff on my design wall is that I pulled all the fabrics for this project from my stash.   Below is a picture of the fabrics all cut and ready to go……and it’s not even the last minute!!!  I need to recover my Big Board ironing board to take to the workshop as it is NOT presentable as it is so there’s still the possibility of last minute prep 😉

Workshop Stuff

The new BOM from Linen Closet Quilts is out and I’ve got my fabrics picked our and the block prepped.

W Second Applique

Design Wall Monday and A Story

I checked the IBOL website and see the bundle total is currently at 3,436.  Wow!  I sent two and was instrumental in one more 🙂  It’s been interesting to see that some folks have sent things for Mr. IBOL, including a customized t-shirt.  Check out the picture at the bottom of the post here.

So my design wall has my completed appliqued Eagle from Linen Closet Quilts and a little bit of that project I can’t show.


I also used my design wall to show the object of my story…..

E Shirts

Over a year and a half ago, I started to make a Scrappy Mountain Majasties from mens shirts and I mentioned the quilt was for someone else.   I made way more blocks than I needed for one quilt and, NO, I didn’t plan it that way.  In fact, I didn’t plan it at all…….just kept cutting squares from all the shirts.  Anyhoo,  I made two quilt tops, pieced together two backs and made binding enough for two quilts.   Along the way, I had my close encounter with the rotary cutter which I blogged about here which is another totally different story related to these quilts.   I finished the first quilt and that’s the last I blogged about this project.

I didn’t get back to the second quilt right away, then when I did, I couldn’t find it.  I COULD NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE.  I remember having it when I showed my co-workers, my friend at dinner and at my quilt guild.  I couldn’t specifically remember bringing it home but it had been a month or more since then.   I couldn’t find it at home.  And I looked in the most likely and most unlikely spots.  Trust me, I looked EVERYWHERE and asked EVERYWHERE I’d been when I last remembered having it.  After several weeks of constant looking and feeling sick to my stomach, I finally told the recipient that I had lost it.  I didn’t blog about that because it was AWFUL, AWFUL.

Fast forward 6 months.  I’m preparing to quilt one of the Dino quilts and go to get batting for it.  There is a stack of three folded pieces of batting by my longarm so I unfold the first one to see if it will work.  Lo and behold, what do I find folded ever so neatly and safely inside????  YES!!  The second mountain quilt top!  I can’t begin to tell you the elation I felt at seeing that quilt top.   It wasn’t lost, just temporarily stashed in a VERY safe and secure place…..yeah, that’s my horrible, awful, bad story with the VERY HAPPY ENDING or it will be just as soon as I get that sucker quilted, bound and off to it’s owner!!!

Design Wall Monday

This weekend was busy with the acceptance of quilts for the Quintessential Quilt 2009 show held Oct 3-Oct 30 this year.  That’s just to set the stage for what little I accomplished this weekend.


Yep, just one word, name actually, for the Cards vs Sox quilt.  That little bit of green above is a small quilt in progress but it’s a surprise so I can’t show any more than what I have here.  Those darn free pieced letters take time!  Perhaps they’ll go faster after I have more experience with them.  I also prep-ed an applique block from the Vicksburge BOM from Linen Closet Quilts.

K Eagle

Last, there’s a purple quilt in the works for DD2 and I laid out some fabrics this weekend to see if I want to use them for the Judy Laquidara workshop coming up as part of the Quintessental Quilt 2009 show.

K Purples

Fun, fun, fun……