Furry Help

I was sewing today and had help from both Simontacchi and Rail.  I have a whole pile of up hill and down hill blocks completed so I layed some out to see how they look.  They get Rail’s seal of approval but Simontacchi is with holding his opinion for now 🙂

2nd First Saturday Blocks

Last night I had to get the first Sat blocks finished if I wanted to get my next block free this Saturday.  So here is the second block:

And here is the alternate block:

I had already cut the pieces for these blocks and it still took me approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete them.  I’m always the slowest one when ever I take a class 🙁

Labor Day Progress

While it still might not look like much, I’m quite happy with the progress I made on the mountain quilt this holiday weekend.

Sunday and Monday I sewed pieces 1&2 and 3&4 of each block together……

And here is one stack of up hill and one of the down hill blocks ironed and pinned together.  Only about a quarter more to iron & pin.  Once sewn, the blocks will be completed!!

My hope is to have enough blocks sewn this week to play with the various layout and see which ones make the blocks happy.  Check out the layout variations at the bottom of Bonnie’s Quiltville website here.

Mountain Quilt Progress

Here’s an update on my progress through Sunday.  I’ve ironed, cut the squares and ironed again.  I’ve squared up all the half square triangles and cross cut them into the Mountain pieces.  I’ve pinned two pieces together for each square and started sewing them.  You’ll notice how much “help” I’ve been receiving of the furry, four legged variety 🙂  Too bad Simontacchi can’t run the sewing machine 😉


Going to Des Moines :)

This quilt is going to Des Moines to be in the AQS quilt show!!!  My friend & I thought we might have a better shot at getting accepted into the Des Moines show since this is the first AQS show at this location.  I entered my Brooch Quilt and Darlene entered two of her quilts and all three of them were accepted.  It was quite a surprise, I must say, since I was pretty sure mine wouldn’t get in.  Darlene’s sister lives in Iowa and has graciously agreed to host us for the show in Oct.  Yipee!!